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Here at the NBWN, we believe that we can all achieve more when we collaborate.

By working with people who share our passions can benefit many more people in many more ways.


We are SO excited to be embarking on a brand new chapter for the NBWN, and you’re going to be at the centre of it all.

If the world-changing societal and cultural shifts we've been through in recent years have taught us anything, it’s that we have to stand up for what we believe in and not accept anyone or anything that puts us down.

The NBWN membership programme has been designed to meet the complex and challenging needs of its members. Our membership packages all put you at their heart and allow us to help you navigate business no matter at what point you find yourself.


You will get access to additional benefits, perks and offers, not to mention industry-leading business resources to help you achieve more. There will also be a focus on collaborations for our corporate partners.

We want everyone who plays a part in the NBWN to come together to create a voice so loud, so powerful that we cannot be ignored.  The world has changed and we need to change with it.


The NBWN will continue to support its community of strong, intelligent, passionate and ambitious women from all business and professional sections, to help drive the issues that matter most to all of us to the top of the agenda.


Don’t miss out. We are so excited to take the first steps on this journey with you. You belong here and we're delighted to have you.


    Free for everyone. The perfect place to start your journey.
    Free Plan
    • Monthly Newsletter
    • Access to Networking Events (Online & In-Person)

    Every month
    Take the next step in evolving your business.
    • Monthly Evolve Newsletter
    • Priority Access To Attend Events (Online & In-Person)
    • Access to NBWN Training, Webinars & Business Programmes
    • Access to Business Mentoring & Coaching Programmes
    • Regular DE&I Training, Development & Support
    • Discounted Advertising Rates (Variable)
    • Chance to be featured in our Spotlight Interviews

    Every month
    Show the world you're ready to exceed expectations.
    • Monthly Empower Newsletter
    • Exclusive First-Look Access To Events (Online & In-Person)
    • Access to NBWN Online Training Programmes & Webinars
    • Guaranteed Place in Our Spotlight Interview Series
    • Access to Business & Leadership Mentoring
    • Access to Coaching Sessions from Acclaimed Executives
    • Private Introductory 1-2-1 Virtual Session with Our Founder
    • Access to Sessions with Funding, Grants & Support Services
    • Regular DE&I Training, Development & Support
    • Enhanced Discounted Advertising Rates (Variable)
    • Exclusive Empower Networking Events
    • Opportunities to Connect with Corporate Governance Networks
    • Access to Board Readiness Training & Appointment Support
    • Exclusive Access to Partner Executive Development Programmes


The NBWN is THE network devoted to empowering, informing and connecting black women across the UK.


By joining, you can become part of an already huge network that is driven by inclusivity, equality and the strong belief that we are all better when black women play a key part in business large and small.

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