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3 Ways To Get Your Small Business Mobile Ready

Mobile-Friendly Website

When customers visit your website from their mobile devices, what do they see?

If a visitor cannot access the information they need, they will lose patience and leave your website.

The text size should be large enough to read on a small screen and the buttons big enough to tap with your finger.

You also need to check the loading time for your web pages. High-resolution graphics and large files will take a longer time to load on a slow mobile connection.

There are several online tools that you can use to check how your website looks on a mobile device.

Google provides a Mobile Meter tool which helps you test your website for mobile compatibility.

Provide Location-Specific Information to Customers

Mobile visitors normally look for specific information like the address, phone number, business hours, maps and directions when browsing from a mobile device.

The key to providing a good mobile experience is to provide information that your website visitors will need quick and easy access to.

Local Search Engines and Directories

The number of customers using their mobile phones to search for local businesses is increasing every day, so your business should aim to get to the top of the search result for local searches.

It’s very easy to claim your business on Google Local and update your details in Google Maps.

You should also complete a listing for your business on Bing and Yahoo Local.

Ensure your business information in local directories and search engines are kept up to date and keep a close eye on your customer feedback.

The use of mobile devices will continue to grow so act now to avoid getting left behind!

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