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5 Career Change Fears in Your Forties

Making a career change in their forties can be daunting, frightening, and even stressful for some women.

Some women lack the confidence to make such a move because of their fears.

With the current level of job cuts, many women are being forced to make career changes where they probably previously would not have.

Below are 5 common fears that women in their forties face when making a career change and ways in which these fears can be overcome.

1. I’m Not Good Enough

Thinking that you are not good enough is a thought that goes through many women’s minds and prevents them from going for the job or career that they really want.

They stay in a job that they are unhappy in long past its sell by date because they fear not being good enough to do anything else.

They find it difficult to receive compliments in the way that they are intended, choosing to focus and exaggerate negative feedback instead.

Putting things in to perspective and looking at all the things that they are good at is very helpful for women like this.

Instead of highlighting the things that you are not so good at in your mind, choose instead to focus on the many, many things that you do well.

At the end of each day list all the good things that you have achieved that day. Keep on doing this until it becomes easy for you to recognise that yes, you are good enough.

2. Stuck In A Comfort Zone

You’ve been doing the job you are currently doing so long that you can practically do it in your sleep. The job is no longer challenging but you are comfortable.

The mere thought of doing anything else fills you with dread. You are bored and because you are bored, you constantly watch the clock, waiting for the time to come when you can pack up and go home for the day.

It is not good to stay in this place for too long and you need to do something about it before you start trying to fill the gap the boredom creates with things that could become destructive for you.

If you find that you are feeling this way, it is time to do something about it and step out of your comfort zone.

Start to do things that challenge you on a regular basis. Do not go overboard though and end up going from comfort zone to discomfort zone as this will only leave you feeling stressed.

Take on challenges that stretch you to just outside your comfort zone.

If you need to change career, put together an action plan with a goal in mind, set out the steps that you will take to get there and take ACTION.

3. Thinking That Your Age is a Barrier

This can be more so if you have done your current job for a very long time. For some women, thinking that they have to compete with younger, brighter candidates can cause a lack of confidence when going for a new job.

Keeping your skills up to date and keeping yourself marketable will ensure that you are just as favourable as anyone else.

4. Writing CVs and Completing Application Forms

Just the mere thought of completing an application form or writing a CV is enough to put some women off.

If you haven’t updated your CV for many years, start doing it now.

An internet search will find you many websites that offer help on how to write a good CV and give you examples of what a good CV should look like.

If completing application forms is something that you struggle with, make sure that you are able to identify the skills and competencies that you possess for what it is that they are looking for.

Give examples of what you have done that clearly demonstrates how you have utilised your skills and match what it is that they are looking for.

Get someone who is more experienced at completing application forms to take a look at it for you and give you feedback.

The more applications that you complete, the easier it becomes so, practice, practice, practice.

5. The Dreaded Interview

Some women are very confident with most areas of the recruitment process but then when it comes to interviews, they crumble.

Make sure that you plan properly for interviews. Often it can be a lack of preparation and going into an interview not fully prepared that leaves you feeling a nervous wreck.

Do your research and find out relevant information about the organisation. Make sure you know what you have put in your application form and are able to talk about the content. Be suitably attired.

Stay calm, remember the interviewers may be nervous as well. Be yourself and if you are asked a question that you do not understand, ask them to repeat it.

What fears do you have about making a career change?


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