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Abused Christian Women

There are a number of women who are hurting on the inside with no one to tell their story.

Would you like to come on the show? Do you know of such a woman? Invite her to come on the show. There is chat and/or internet listening

I would like to invite you to listen to The Marriage Corner with Dr Barbara on Wednesday July 16 @ 1:00 pm.

The topic for this broadcast is Abused Christian Women. This will continue indefinitely.

Please invite someone to listen in with you. The Dial number is 646 652 4611. For chat and online listening go to the link

Listen to the incredible story of Cheryl's guest, Juda Myers. This speaker, singer, songwriter and artist was conceived as a result of her mother being raped by eight (8) men.

Rather than allowing her traumatic beginning to destroy her, Juda uses her incredible story to bless, encourage and inspire others. Listen now!


If you have not yet signed up for The Marriage Corner Live Conference in Atlanta Georgia, August 25, 2008 please go to the website at and click the link TMC Conference for more information and to register.


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