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Clever Ways To Save Money That We Wish We Had Thought of Earlier!

Saving money is an age-old problem that every one of us experiences. Whether we choose to live frugally there's always a shortage of bills around.

We all know the obvious ways to save just not spend it. If we only listened to our own advice we would all probably be better off. Yet alas, we fail to take our own advice. But don't worry, we've listed out a few fun ways that you can use to save money cleverly!

We decided to search the interweb's and find the best solution for you from banking and budgeting, self-care, hygiene, home and electric expenses, socializing, etc.

So let's try and break it down

Banking and Budgeting

Chose a bank that gives you high returns on your savings, and one that makes sense for you. ATMs often charge a high ATM fee which adds up to making you lose a large portion of your cash flow.

Don't believe us? Why not take a look at your bank statements and you'll realize where all that money has been going.

Smaller banks offer interest rates and certain perks. Non-affiliated banks tend to charge a huge price in order to steal some extra cash for their reserves, you can set a certain amount that you have designated for saving.

Divide that cash into different categories that will allow you to not spend more than you have promised.

Being frugal may be an inconvenience but it will teach you the value of your time and money.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can divide each of your paychecks between your savings and checking accounts.

Interest rates are higher for savings accounts than they are for checking accounts so you don't have to worry about leaving your money untouched.

Setting a specific percentage to be automatically deposited into your savings will have you less inclined to spend it while you're out.

Budget and money-tracking apps are the newest way to keep track of your expenses. Not only will it allow you to give yourself a budget through which you can track your expenses, but it will also allow you to divide your expenses into certain categories: food, travel, entertainment, self-care, all of these can be carefully calculated to inform you where most of your expenses are being exhausted.

We'd advise you to be the detective of your own bank account and regularly analyze where your costs have been incurred.

Staying on top of your balance game will allow you to review older purchases as well as give you an idea as to where you would like to spend more or less in the future.

That might mean you won't be visiting your favourite places as often, but it will allow you to spend on the places that you require while skimping on purchases you might not need.


We all know the importance of self-care. It's that time of the week when we indulge in some TLC, kick back and relax.

You can always get deals on everything. Self-care isn't as expensive as you might think.

You can always look for deals and discounts on various sites such as CouponCodesME.

They have many deals that allow you to visit restaurants, salons and various other offers that won't disrupt your self-care time.

If you want to experiment you can always be adventurous and try to contact beauty schools that are appointing students in training. You might end up getting yourself a majorly discounted haircut!

The best way to get in some self-care would be obvious. Go to bed at a reasonable time, clock in those 8 hours of sleep, wash your hands, and remember to eat your veggies!

Regular exercise and sleep will help you skip those medical bills later in life and your body will thank you for it!


If you find yourself wondering how you can spend your day why not spend it at the movies?

Going to the theatre on a weekday leaves you a chance to spend less money and spend some time catching up on the new movies of the month!

If day outs at the theatre aren't your cup of tea, why not turn your house into a theatre?

Cook up some popcorn, buy in some soda and get yourself some snacks. Turn off the lights and phone and give yourself an entire theatre experience without having to shell out any extra money!

You always have the option to 'Netflix and Chill', so why not get a joint subscription with your roommate, or family member and friends instead of using all that access on yourself?

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