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Learning the Lessons of Letting Go!

It can be argued that the universe really does teach you lessons if you have your eyes open, ears clear and your brain engaged at the right frequency.

The lesson for a more balanced and fulfilled life means that you really have to move from that negative internal chatter to crystal clear, thinking that empowers and moves you to action.

For those of us who suffer from that disease to please, we find we are constantly battling to master our sense of purpose; control our sense of self and walk firmly in our convictions. But all hail the universe! We really are free to live the life that we want!

The universe screams this to us every day, yet we refuse to believe we are free and we have free choice.

We act against ourselves with our words and our actions. How many of us really stop when we have an unsatisfactory outcome to analyse the choices we have made; the impact of the choices we have made and analyse the situation we find ourselves in because of our choices.

Whether it's relationships or finances of our own well-being, oftentimes we follow a course of action simply because we are too fearful and too lazy to embrace the challenge of living a balanced and joyful life because that takes brave work too.

When we have any doubts about the choices we make, it means stop and reflect. It's time to be!

When we refuse, do you realise how many unexplained accidents and illnesses befall us? It's our body trying to get us to stop, listen and recover.

Throw away those rules we made about 'self' based on other people’s opinions because we thought it would make us good; make us perfect; make us ‘in’; make us anything other than what we truly are – well its time to stop and throw those rules away.

You have got no time for those rules anymore. The world is made up of different people, which is why we must celebrate being different. Or should I say ‘unique’.

It's fine if I don’t look the way the press views beauty, or agree with the popular viewpoint or subscribe to living in a way that goes against my authentic self. It's time to be confident with what you believe is right for you.

When you try to mould yourself in the image of someone else, of course, you are going to be miserable because it does not work. No matter how hard you try, it won't work for you; it never will.

Posh, I love your choice of shoes, but I will never be a size 0 favourite of designers but it does not mean that I cannot be happy with my choice of shoes and clothes.

By all means model your behaviour on someone you admire but don’t try to be them.

The key is to be comfortable with ‘self’. Oprah, Richard Branson and Russell Simmons - I love what you are doing but I know that your self-discipline, focus and dedication are great traits I want to bring to my own work; because, there is nothing more intoxicating than being around someone who is open, on purpose and confident about their journey.

Once you take responsibility for your well-being, without fear and without limitation the world is an exciting place to be in.

What have you let go of recently?

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