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My Interests

I am a fifty-eight-year-old lady. I am a mother of five and I have eight grandchildren.

Throughout my lifetime I have tried my hand at book publishing and screenplay writing, but I find myself enjoying my new hobby now that the kids are grown of making videos to show work that I have done and extend my obsession with photography in video form.

I first started with a YouTube channel under Dorisanne13.

On top of doing short commercial videos about my screenplays, I have now proceeded to expand out into cooking videos.

So if you are interested in books or screenplays check those videos out and if you are into cooking I come up with many more videos to come.

I have started a second channel on YouTube titled ViewWithMe showing many of the places I am viewing myself for the first time.

My intent is to bring businesses to Maine by showing what Maine has to offer. Wanting the film industry to also join I have created over two-thousand videos of antiques involving anything from farm equipment to Model A Vehicles.

The site also serves a good purpose. For seniors that are homebound or just don’t get out much in the winter, it is helpful with reminiscing about their past and hopefully sharing their personal experiences with family and friends.

I am starting to add videos of big rigs and snowmobiles to address the young and active at heart.

So if any of this interests you, be sure to check my channels out.

Also if you have a Twitter account, please add me, I am under Dorisanne. That way you can stay caught up on all the videos on both my channels and be sure to share a smile today.


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