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Personalise Enterprise - Business Is Personal

'Without you there is no business - make your personal business your business' - Dionne Jude

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At the heart of every business there are individuals who have taken the steps to manifest their ideas, dreams and desires into products and services.

These individuals are the lifeblood of the business, and their continued personal and professional development is imperative. I have provided 101 powerful and thought-provoking questions to further inspire those seeking to go into business or for those who are already running a business.

I believe the ability to ask ourselves questions and answering them honestly provides an opportunity to receive great insights, whilst encouraging reflectivity, learning and personal growth.

Sample Questions
  • For what purpose do I want to run a business?

  • *What are my desired outcomes for running a business?

  • *What can I do to overcome a lack of self-belief?

  • *How can I turn a setback into a ‘come-back’?

  • *How can I focus on the solution rather than the problem?

  • *Am I willing to charge what my product/service are really worth?

  • *What am I allowing to distract me from progressing?

  • *What is my greatest fear?


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