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Self Harm And Black Boys

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

A recent article in The Guardian highlighted the issue of self-harm among young people.

According to research, there are a huge number of reasons why people choose to do this.

The causes of self-harm are likely to be complex, even if the person harming does not see the issues in that way.

Chris Leaman, from the UK mental health charity YoungMinds, says it is still very much a taboo subject in British society. “There is a definite problem around young men not feeling like they can talk about their issues, which can make self-harm quite a common issue among them.”

Study: African-American Boys Placed At Higher Risk For Self-Harm

A study (2012) conducted by a University of Mississippi psychologist has unveiled data that suggests adolescents, especially African-American boys, are at a higher risk for self-harm.

The findings showed that youngsters who self-harmed were about nine times more likely to die an unnatural death than those who did not, 17 times more likely to die from suicide and 34 times more likely to die from acute alcohol or drug poisoning.

These findings could correlate to young Black men in the UK.

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