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The Real Me and The True Me

Somehow over the last 10 years or so of searching for myself - I found myself in a place that I least expected. Right back where I started. The search outside of myself led me straight back inside of myself.

In my younger days I attempted to define myself through identifying with music; the clothes I wore; the people I hung around with; the men I dated etc.

Through these experiences, I came to understand myself more, yet never really felt comfortable with labels like confident, ambitious, quiet, outgoing, glamorous etc.

Through seeking to know myself at the deepest level - The Real Me and The True Me.

The Real Me

This is the me that I had once sought to understand by clothing myself in garments, make-up, hairstyles, jewellery etc in order to define myself.

Underneath all of that the true me waited to be set free - from the confines and chains that I had unknowingly placed upon it, because of my fear of discovering a wounded, unwhole me who felt insecure and in need of some serious love.

The real me is my ego-self, which seeks to define itself within the boundaries of who I believe and what I am, and am not. My mind was key to discovering the real me.

The True Me

Has always been there and never waited for an excuse to show itself. The true essence of who I am is always seeking to experience itself every day in every way - regardless of what I choose to hold back. This is my spiritual self.

The True Me loves the Real Me regardless of who I am being, what I am doing or having in life. I now choose to experience and live as the True Me - because I understand the Real Me. My heart was key to discovering the true me. So who knows what the next 10 years hold?

Dionne x

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