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The self-styled ‘Ultrapreneur’ has a vision that all children and young people, regardless of background or social standing, have access to essential entrepreneurial education.

Julian's mission is to be the leading brand and #1 provider of entrepreneur education in the world. He is also the #1 Best Selling author of four books. Thankfully he found the time to talk to us.

All information and links were correct at the date of original publication on
18 Oct 2020

Is the Ultrapreneur playing to win during COVID-19?

The Ultrapreneur and his organisation have adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic by utilising technology to adapt the delivery of their kid’s entrepreneurship tuition from face-to-face to online platforms including Zoom and Hopin.

During lockdown Ultra Education ran several online entrepreneurship bootcamps in which kids were taught how to start businesses from what they love.

Additionally, the organisation hosted the world’s first ever online business fair almost 70 young entrepreneurs showcasing their businesses in virtual booths on Hopin.

Ultra Education also provided free workshops in marketing and entrepreneurship supported by funding from The National Lottery Community Fund.

The dynamic of lockdown also created a prime opportunity to launch a brand new service in the form of #AskUltra - the world’s first mobile entrepreneurship tutor.

The mobile app utilises chatbot technology to teach entrepreneurial education to children.

It’s not only the children who need to master their business mindset. How do you support the parents?

Throughout the COVID19 pandemic parents have been kept engaged with news, updates and activities to support, educate and entertain their children.

This has been done via a number of channels including a parent’s WhatsApp group, email newsletters and social media.

Ultra Education also created a host of lockdown resources that parents could utilise to teach and entertain children.

The Ultrapreneur also launched the #AskUltra podcast on Anchor, which tackles various topics around teaching kids entrepreneurship; providing advice and best practice for introducing entrepreneurship at home.

Parents are given updates about their children’s progress and are able to get advice about how to best support their children in the entrepreneurial endeavours before the start of workshop sessions.

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How can children help businesses with digitalisation?

Many of the shifts in the way we have had to do things during the pandemic will likely be here to stay.

Children are no doubt the future and will be the ones most accustomed to these changes and ways of woking as they emerge into the way of work.

I’ve found that, unsurprisingly, the youth are the trendsetters in projecting the direction that digital business goes.

If you look at the big digital marketing platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and now TikTok, you will normally find that their original user base are children and young people.

As a business, being aware of digital platforms that are ‘on trend’ with young people can potentially allow you to utilise these for your business or gain inspiration from them.

Will post-Brexit impact these ‘Ultrapreneurs’ going forward?

We are all waiting to see what the impact of Brexit will be when it eventually happens and whilst there will no doubt be changes, I am almost certain that any ‘impacts’ will actually be opportunities for our young 'Ultrapreneurs’.

I would expect for brand new funding opportunities, potential collaboration with entrepreneurs in diverse and emerging markets, as well as opportunities to promote their businesses and trade in untapped markets.

The future is bright.

What next for 2021?

For 2021 we are aiming big!

We will be focussed on expanding the reach of our online kids’s entrepreneurship workshops nationwide.

We will also be bringing back and expanding our kids’s online business fair.

Additionally, we will be working on expanding our user-base for the AskUltra app nationwide and globally.

We are continuously improving the AskUltra app with new capabilities and exciting features to ensure it is the best mobile tutoring app on the planet!

Thanks to Julian for finding the time to sit down with us.
If you want to find out more about their great work they do, check out their website over at
You can also follow them on Twitter where they are @Ultra_Education or Julian’s own account @theultrapreneur
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