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Irrespective of where women are in their career, this interactive and informative series of panel discussions aimed to educate, empower and inspire women to leverage their skills; maximise their leadership potential; climb the corporate ladder and develop trusted networks that help them to stand out in high-performing environments.


Connected Woman provided an opportunity to inspire and enable women who were serious about starting, leading and accelerating their careers and business aspirations.


These events provided women with a convening platform, with invited guests to change the narrative around complex conversations like recruiting talent, unconscious bias, microaggressions and barriers to career advancement and progression.  In addition, it provided superior networking and connections.

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A woman sitting by her computer in a trading room


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion still remains essential to the success of any business looking to innovate, whilst supporting the demands of both its employees and stakeholders. However, this next decade of the diversity debate moves beyond hiring practices but diversity of thought and culture; incorporating alternative management models as they strive to close the skills gap and adapt to new hybrid working cultures.


It’s important to remember, as we continue to battle global challenges, we will not find solutions overnight.  That is why business leaders must be committed to accelerating the growth strategy for the female workforce of the future.

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