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We like to think everything you need to know about the National Black Women's Network / SistaTalk is available on this site.


For all the most frequently asked questions we get asked, we tried to collate them and answer them all on this page.


We've split the questions up into their related category to help you find the answers to those questions you want to ask.

  • Why can't I access some pages without signing in?
    We wanted to ensure that the new-look NBWN and SistaTalk gives our community the highest quality experience and to deliver the best content. Having to register serves a number of purposes. Primarily, we wanted to offer our community something extra. We believe it's important that we offer high quality content to our huge yet discerning community of people. Having that content gated means that people need to join our community to access it which, in turn, ensures we can control who has access. This also limits the number of spam posts or low-quality 'get rich quick' schemes that, if left unsecured will propagate site like ours. Which ever subscription you choose, even the free one, allow to access to the site. If your chosen tier still means some content is inaccessible and is something you want to be part of, you can easily upgrade. See our Membership page for more details.
  • Are you registered with the Information Commissioner's Office?
    We are. indeed. We take the responsibility of holding your personal details very seriously so we are registered with the ICO which requires we utiise strict procedures to hold, manage and retain the information we hold on you responsibly. Our Registration No. is C1190519.
  • Your website is great! Who developed it?
    We glad you like it and we are incredibly proud of our website. It was designed and developed by our technical partners CubeSquared Digital who do loads of amazing work when it comes to website design, SEO, graphic design, copywriting, digital marketing and video editing. You can find more about them and the work they do via their website at
  • How do I get in contact with you?
    There are loads of ways of getting in touch with the NBWN. You can email us on, you can contact us via the Live Chat feature on our website (available during office hours), call us on 020 7544 1010, write to us at National Black Women's Network, Suite 601 International House, 223 Regent Street, LONDON, W1R 8QD or you can reach out via our social media channels.
  • How can I pay for my membership?
    We have tried to make it as easy as possible for you join the NBWN. To pay for your Evolve or Empower memberships, we accept recurring payment via VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay, JCB, China Union Pay, Diners, CartesBancaires, Discover, VISA Electron, Maestro and PayPal.
  • Why do you ask for my address when I sign-up?
    Because of the financial aspect of the site with our Evolve and Empower tiers, we are bound by some financial regulations. One of them is the anti-money laundering requirements. As such we need your address to help us manage it. Don't worry, your address isn't public and is held securely on our system.
  • What does 'Join the SistaTalk Community' checkbox on the sign-in screen mean?
    When new members sign up as a member on our site, they can select (or deselect) the Join the SistaTalk community' checkbox. This is checked by default but leaving it checked means that, once registered, your profile is visible to all other members. You're then able to post in the SistaTalk forum, join our groups and comment on blogs. Once you are part of our community, you can control the details other members see about you; i.e. write your own short bio and personalise your profile's cover photo.
  • Is NBWN still free to use?
    Absolutely! NBWN has always been free and, even since the launch of our Membership levels, our base tier 'Excel' is still totally, completely free to sign-up for and always will be.
  • What the membership levels you offer?
    We currently offer 3 memberships tiers at 3 different price points; Excel (Free) Evolve (£9.99 per month) Empower (£39.99 per month) Each offers different features and benefits. You can find out more about them on our Membership page.
  • How do I register for your events?
    The NBWN runs a number of events throughout the year. All of them will be listed on our Events page. Depending on the event you can Register right there on the page. Some are online and others will be in-person. Please look at the details of each specific event to see how to register for any that interest you. Please check back regularly as we add new events throughout the year. Our Empower members get early access to the events, followed by our Evolve members, then the remaining tickets are then made available to those people registered to our free Excel tier.
  • I missed an event I was registered for, can I still watch it?
    In most cases, yes. We record all our online events for those who couldn't make or didn't get a ticket. We post them on our YouTube channel which you can Subscribe to here. Where possible, we also embed them into the event description.
  • What happened to the SistaTalk website?
    SistaTalk existed as a stand-alone website for over a decade. In that time, it grew into an incredible community of like-minded people who helped and supported each other. When NBWN relaunched in late 2023, we took the decision to bring SistaTalk and it's community under one roof. Whilst the separate SistaTalk website no longer exists, we ported over as much of the content as we could into this site. You can find our more by visiting those pages.
  • How do I submit a blog for SistaTalk?
    We love to display blogs and interesting articles from our SistaTalk members. While we love to include them, they need to be original and high-quality to feature. We've created a series of blogging guidelines to ensure what you write meets our criteria. You can read them more here.
  • What happened to my groups from the old site?
    The old SistaTalk site had 202 groups, which is great, but around half of them had less than 5 members or had no activity at all in the last few years. We want SistaTalk to be thriving, active and engaged community. We transfered those groups with the most members and / or were the most active to the new site. If you don't see a group that reflects your interests or your passions, then please let us know. There's a form at the bottom of the SistaTalk Groups page that lets you request the creation of a group and we'd be delighted to take a look at it for you.
  • Did all the content from the old SistaTalk site transfer across?
    When the SistaTalk became part of the new NBWN website (the one you're looking at now) we tried to transfer as much of the content as we possibly reasonably could. We brought across as many blogs, photos, videos, etc. and integrate them into the site to replicate the features that people loved.. Blogs, for example, where brought over with the original posting date, author, titles, images and text. However, things likes comments you might have made or 'Likes' you added couldn't come across. Technologically, the way websites are designed and built today is VERY different from when SistaTalk was first launched. There are some huge technical and structural differences between the sites that meant that some individual photos, posts, couldn't make the transition without creating accounts in people's names which, in light of GDPR, meant that couldn't legally be done. As people register on the new site, we can combine your new account with existing post so they will still be managed by you. That said, we hope that the new site gives you the foundation on which to build a new SistaTalk that offers new features and ways to connect with your Sistas and Brothas.
  • Why can't I just upload or write a blog on SistaTalk in the same way we used to?
    The landscape for content has changed enormously in the time since we first launched SistaTalk. This means that to ensure we only offer you high-quality, original content that helps to spread the word of the work we and you are doing, we had to make the decision to only allow content that meets the needs of our community. As such, we have created some Blogging Guidelines to ensure that the content shared with our incredible community is adds value and helps the community at large. That said, if you just want to connect with your fellow Sisters, share details on your latest sales or promotions or discuss various topics, then please take a look at our Forums and Groups that you can join.
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