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Careeta Robert-Green stands as an exceptional ICF-certified life coach and the visionary mind behind the acclaimed ‘Born with a GIFT’ coaching practice.

A trailblazer from the outset, she etched her name in history in 2010 as one of the youngest certified black female coaches in the UK.

Since then, her journey has woven a tapestry of transformation, touching the lives of thousands of individuals worldwide.

Her compass now guides leaders and those poised to ascend to leadership, fostering a profound sense of clarity in their pursuits, bolstering unwavering confidence and nurturing the innate gifts that define them. It's a journey that culminates in the power to manifest a resounding impact in the global arena.

Notably equipped with a Master's Degree in International Human Resource Management, Careeta boasts a decade-long legacy in corporate HR, honed within the corridors of prestigious Fortune 500/FTSE 100 giants like BP, GSK and Dell. This dynamic fusion of coaching acumen and corporate wisdom serves as the bedrock of her distinctive approach.

Beyond her coaching endeavours, Careeta dons the hat of a podcast personality, lending her voice to the "Unwrap Your GIFT" podcast. Through this platform, she seamlessly blends practical insights with personal anecdotes, illuminating the path to holistic personal and professional growth. However, her mission doesn't stop there.

Careeta's influence extends to the realm of pure empowerment, where she masterfully orchestrates Google #IAmRemarkable workshops.

These transformative sessions reverberate with the essence of empowerment, transcending societal barriers to empower all individuals, particularly those historically underrepresented, to embrace and celebrate their accomplishments both within and beyond the workplace. In this process, she boldly dismantles the constraints surrounding self-promotion, heralding a new era of unabashed self-recognition.

Her journey is an embodiment of audacious ambition and unwavering dedication. Her story is an invitation to all who seek to unearth their latent potential, etching their mark on the world with authenticity, resilience, and unyielding purpose.

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14 Jun 2024

What advice or insights would you like to share with women looking to ‘Step Up' their leadership skills?

I believe that everyone has their own unique talents and strengths, like ‘special gifts; which can lead to success. When we focus on using these gifts, we can do really well in things that match our purpose.

In my experience, success comes from personal growth, always learning and not giving up when things get tough.

I've built “Born with a GIFT” and worked in big companies like BP, GSK and Dell. This has shown me how important it is to have a mindset that's open to learning and growing. Facing challenges helps us learn and getting better at things is a must.

Making connections with others is also a big advantage. It helps us see things from different angles and opens up lots of new opportunities. Nowadays, the internet has connected us all, and we can do things on a global scale just by clicking a button, no need to travel on a plane. This has changed the way we can work and interact with people all around the world.

Let me explain.

I grew up in a time when social media was on the rise.  When I launched my business there were sites such as Facebook and Instagram.  I quickly learnt how to utilise these new platforms to build a connection with my audience.  This allowed me to connect with people from all around the world.

The ability to attract more global clients increased post-pandemic.  Everyone was online.  Through showing up online and adding value, I was able to attract new global clients to attend my coaching workshops and have 1:1 coaching. 

I also work with global corporate clients to facilitate corporate coaching workshops. I work across multiple time zones throughout the average day.

How do you go about overcoming barriers in male-dominated industries?

For women who want to work in spaces where men usually dominate, it can be hard to navigate. But to get past these difficulties, it's really important to believe in yourself and not let anyone make you doubt your skills.

When I became one of the youngest certified, black female life coaches in the UK, not many people who looked like me were doing this job and most coaches were much older and had been doing it for a long time.  It could be slightly intimidating at times but once you have the skills, tools and confidence to push through.

When I first started coaching, I could not see many black female coaches in the UK. I experienced imposter syndrome early on in my journey. It was only after a while where I thought if you can’t see it then you should be it.

If you are in an industry and there is no one who looks like you then maybe you are supposed to be one of the first.

I work with numerous diverse leaders who struggle with imposter syndrome.  They experience many challenges and are often the only one in the room. 

One of reasons why that they love working with me, is that they have a safe space during our 1:1 coaching sessions where they can take off the mask and not have to code switch.

We explore various mindset techniques so they can work on who they are being in the world. Even if others don't think you can do it, you should know you can.

It's also good to find people who can support and help you, like mentors and friends who want to see you succeed.

And remember, the way you see things can be your secret weapon. Your different point of view is special and can help you stand out.

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Do you think leaders have more to learn from diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives?

Diversity means more than just having different kinds of people around. It's like having different ways of thinking that help everyone and the company grow better.

When we give women the power to lead, it's like putting money into something that will bring back even more return.

Research keeps telling us that when teams are made up of a diverse range of talent, gender and cultural mix, the team makes smarter choices and come up with really new and cool ideas.

Why do you feel it’s important to support women's professional journeys?

At Born with a GIFT, my commitment to empowering women extends beyond coaching.  I launched the Unwrap Your GIFT podcast to showcase inspirational leaders who are sharing their gifts with the world.

I also run the Unwrap Your GIFT coaching programme to guide leaders through a step-by-step framework on how to have clarity on their goals, build their confidence and own their gifts so that they can show up powerfully in the world.

One of my clients faced a demotion in her career. Despite her exceptional leadership skills, she encountered a new manager who implemented changes that significantly affected her job. As a result, she struggled with demotivation, fatigue and constant self-doubt about her abilities.

Through our one-on-one coaching sessions, we worked on identifying and highlighting her strengths and achievements accumulated over the course of more than a decade. Within the first month of our collaboration, she successfully secured a new role at the same professional level in a different company. This transition revitalised her, restoring her confidence and self-belief.

As a trailblazer and role model, what message would you like to convey to the next generation of women of colour aspiring to achieve success in business and leadership?

To the next generation of aspiring women of colour in business and leadership, embrace your uniqueness and heritage; they're sources of strength and innovation.

Challenges on your path are opportunities for growth; don't let setbacks define you. Seek mentors, coaches, allies, and advice as needed.

As you succeed, become a trailblazer for others. Trust your abilities, uphold your values, and recognise your impact on a more inclusive future. Embrace your journey with confidence; you'll leave a legacy of inspiration.

Remember we are all born with a gift, we all have special skills, talents and gifts that we can use to be successful.  Focus on using your gifts and share them with the world to experience purpose and fulfilment in life.

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