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Hyacinth has overcome 30+ years of personal adversity. From growing up in a notorious estate in Hackney, London in the UK, surviving the environment and then thriving after many profound personal challenges, she is in an unique position to understand the tougher side of life and teach the tools to break through.

She supports women to connect with their authentic selves at soul level, empowering them to create a new and better life, regardless of their story.

Expressing her core values, Hyacinth gently encourages women to experience life on the other side of trauma with more freedom, inner peace and spirituality.

As an Author, Poet and International Speaker, she impacts by sharing her story openly, with actionable steps and compassion to overcome any adversity or challenge life may present.

Hyacinth is also a Partner and Ambassador for the Charter for Compassion International - Women and Girls sector. She also holds sacred space for women to evolve organically in her Sister Circles, Workshops, Signature Programme EMPOWER 7 & Aligned Experiences as well as Author of her Book ‘7 Steps to Overcoming Adversity and Transforming your Life’.

Hyacinth has a deep-rooted desire to service and has worked in the community as a Campaigner, Activist, Engagement Worker and Volunteer for 34 years and has been awarded as “Woman of Honour” for her services to the community.

She has also appeared on East London Radio and BBC Breakfast, been featured in various Local and National Newspapers/ Magazines including The Telegraph, Fabulous, Hackney Gazette and websites talking about ‘Overcoming Adversity and Womens Issues.'

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9 Dec 2021

Writing a Business Plan. Was it a good idea?

It is a great idea to do a Business Plan.

Unlike my first business where I did a traditional Business Plan, this time round on my second business, I used the Business Model Canvas.

What did you learn?

I learned so much especially that the more detail and thought out, the easier it is to overcome challenges.

This type of plan looks at the services you offer, partners, prices, how and where you are going to sell all on one page.

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Did you start without one?

I didn't start without one. Though it changes while you build and grow your business, I'd always advise having a Plan.

Where did you start?

For me I started my first business as a Sole Trader in 2013 selling semi-precious stone jewellery; art and holistic therapies.

My second business was a company started in May 2016, supporting women with various services.  This is currently online at the moment.

My business is called Soul Conscious Creations Ltd and Soul Conscious Creations by Hyacinth Myers.

If you are interested in the work that Hyacinth is undertaking as a Women's Empowerment Coach and Life Strategist follow her at or in Twitter, where she's @HyacinthJMyers
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