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Faith & Business

The Faith & Business Summits, held in both London and Birmingham brought together highly esteemed faith leaders, Government representatives and members of the banking sector to stimulate business start-ups and growth.

This initiative served as a powerful catalyst for individuals seeking to unlock the doors to prosperity. These summits provided a unique platform where faith intersects with sound financial principles, setting the stage for transformative change.


Faith as the Cornerstone of Prosperous Venture

At the Faith and Business Summits, attendees were reminded that faith is not just a spiritual concept but a cornerstone of prosperous ventures.


The church has long played a crucial role in addressing inequalities and supporting communities through various services and programmes. However, there is an increasing recognition of the church's potential to generate social capital and stimulate local business development.


The summits inspired participants to infuse their business endeavours with faith, believing in the potential for success even in the face of challenges.

Since 2016, the Faith and Business Summits offered a transformative experience where faith, financial wisdom and community building converged.


These summits empower individuals to embrace prosperity as a shared vision, fostering personal fulfilment, legacy building and community empowerment.


Through the guidance of faith leaders, attendees will be inspired to integrate faith into their business practices and use their prosperity to make a lasting impact on the world.

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