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Ellenor McIntosh is the founder of Twipes. Her company has created wet wipes which contain no alcohol whilst being antibacterial.

They are conveniently on a roll that can slide into your loo roll holder with ease. Their key feature being that, unlike regular wet wipes that take a minimum of 100 days to break down in water, Theirs take 3 short hours.

From the moment you flush, to the time it gets to waterworks, Twipes are completely broken down meaning no more sewer blockages.

All information and links were correct at the date of original publication on
12 Jul 2017

What was the catalyst that made you decide to go into business?

For me it was simple, I was sick of the normal rat race of conventional employment, I simply wanted to be my own boss.

I wanted to make a difference on my terms and this was the perfect opportunity for it.

What was holding you back from being an entrepreneur at the time?

Both my studies and the need to be financially stable in a place like London was one of my biggest challenges when considering being an entrepreneur.

Image by Josephine Bredehoft
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What was the best business advice you were given?

Don’t burn your bridges!

That and be as open to receive criticism and help as you can be because one day you’ll be able to provide the same advice to others.

What is the most exciting thing happening in your sector right now?

In the sexy world of toilets and sewage systems!?

The most exciting news is the EU looking to ban the word “flushable” on their wet wipes, allowing Twipes to be the only truly flushable wet wipe on the market.

What are your customers demanding more from you at the moment?

Currently our customers are looking for the highest quality product at the best price and for us to deliver at the same pace as our current competitors.

The business is responding by being better than our competitors and focussing on the consumers as much as possible.

What social media tool are you using?

For us it’s Instagram and Twitter. As our current customer base are younger, we want to generate a buzz around the product and gain interest in a way that doesn’t leave your trawling through tons of text and articles.

What is your take on personal business failures?

Personally (and I know this is a cliché) but I don’t see failures, but lessons in how to make future ventures successful and profitable.

What is difference that is making the difference for success in business at the moment?

Generally, I think it’s about the passion people have now that has changed over the last 10 years.

It’s no longer about working within the same company for 20+ years, but about disrupting the current industries that currently exist.

Who are you following on Twitter?

We are currently following the Mayor of London, after winning his Entrepreneur of the Year award and seeing that we have his endorsement, we felt that keeping up with the changes that is going on in our City was vital to our success.

We also follow Andrea Loubier, a businesswoman and traveller who is simply an inspiration to myself and everyone around her.

What book would you recommend for entrepreneurs?

Tough question! For me it would be Game Storming by James Macanufo and Sunni Brown

What is your favourite quote?

“Love what you do and do what you love.” — Ray Bradbury

This has been my mantra for life and that’s how I run my business.

What next for your business?

Next for us is to launch our product with large retailers, making a bigger difference to the environment.

What makes a great team?

Both the expertise and the experience every team member brings to the group.

How you resolve your problems and work towards the company goals together.

For further information on Ellenor’s business, visit their website at
You can also follow them on Twitter, where they’re @twipesuk
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