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Color Blind Cards is the UK’s leading black greeting card and gift company. They publish greeting cards for people who want cards and gifts which represent them and their families.

Color Blind Cards were the first black publisher to be stocked in the British high street, when they made their entry into the Clinton Cards chain in 2008.

Today the brand are online at where designs can be personalised and are delivered in 24 hours, dotted across the UK and the rest of the world in independent stores.

This year they have launched their Community Trader Initiative which empowers women in the community with a second income and opportunity to run their own business by selling Color Blind Cards & Gifts through their own networks of friends & family, schools, church and local stores.

All information and links were correct at the date of original publication on
2 Apr 2013

What was the catalyst that made you decide to go into business?

My daughter Monet inspired the launch of Color Blind Cards. I had been looking for a card featuring a black princess as she was seven years old and complaining of wanting straight, blonde hair.

On searching for the card I realised a complete absence of cards featuring black, mixed-race or Asian people and, in that moment, Color Blind Cards was conceived.

What was holding you back from being an entrepreneur at the time?

I was enjoying a successful career in media. I worked full-time in Public Relations and had an entertainment column in Pride Magazine.

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What was the best business advice you were given?

Your only limitations are those you place upon yourself.

What is the most exciting thing happening in your sector right now?

Right now the retail industry has begun to recognise the value of the black pound, and this is impacting slowly on the variety of product available in stores. 2013 is something of a relaunch year for Color Blind Cards.

It is the perfect time for us to finish what we started in terms of our vision for the brand to be the independent global market leader in black cards.

What are your customers demanding more from you at the moment and how are you and the business responding?

Customers just want more variety in the range. Our customers come back to us time and time again for their cards, and so we have stepped up our production to ensure we have a constant stream of new designs to satisfy demand.

What social media tool are you using at the moment?

We have a wonderful following of Facebook fans and Twitter is also an effective method which we use to interact with our followers.

What is your take on personal business failures?

I don’t believe in failures.  I have made loads of mistakes in my business journey but I learn from them and then rectify them.

It’s all about the learning on the journey; this is how we come back stronger and better.

What is difference that is making the difference for success in business at the moment?

Commitment. Utter passion and determination to realise my vision.

Who are you following on Twitter?

Arianna Huffington, Bonnie Greer, Nia Long, all brilliant and intelligent women I admire and learn from.

What book would you recommend for entrepreneurs?

Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell.

What is your favourite quote?

Think you can, think you can’t; either way, you’ll be right.” — Henry Ford

Mindset is so key to any kind of success.  It all starts with attitude.

What next for your business?

Aside from the US launch, the continued drive to bring Community Traders on board and brand new products and cards joining the range; we’ll be launching the Color Blind Cards Foundation.

I have always wanted to ultimately use the success of the business as a platform to support young women and particularly teen mums. The Foundation is the organic evolution of that desire. I’m excited.

For further information on Jessia’s business, you can visit their website over at As an added bonus, they are giving all National Black Womens Network readers the opportunity to ‘Buy One Get One Free’ on all greeting cards! Simply enter code NBW at checkout to redeem the offer.

If you want to keep up-to-date with Jessica on Twitter, you can follow her @JessicaHuieMBE or her business over at @colorblindcards
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