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Ultra Education believes that all children and young people regardless of background or social standing should have access to essential entrepreneurial education.

They are best known for running primary and secondary school programmes; after school clubs and weekend workshops for children and young people.

The company also works with charities, housing associations and other private and public sector organisations to deliver entrepreneurship courses and programmes.

To say that Ultra Education has gone from strength to strength since its inception would be an understatement.  It’s all about exceeding expectations.

We catch up with Julian a year after his first Spotlight to help us celebrate Write A Business Plan Month.

All information and links were correct at the date of original publication on
10 Dec 2021

Writing a Business Plan. Was it a good idea?

Yes and no!

'Yes' because it helps as a way to collect my thoughts when getting going. 'No' because as an entire document it becomes hard to manage.

You then realise that strategic and tactical plans become more useful when actually running the business.

What did you learn?

That what I wanted to do was a good idea! But interestingly it taught me that although there's a big market opportunity, you need to find a market entry point.

I needed to work out how I was going to do that really well before doing more. Not sure I took my own advice tho!

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Did you start without one?

Yes, the business plan came within the first year.

I wanted to build a plan around a viable service that people actually wanted. Rather than planning down to the last step something that no-one was going to buy in the first place.

Where did you start?

As an education company, I started with the approach and philosophy which sparked the idea in the first place.

From there I started to work on the service delivery output; what we were actually doing to do in exchange for money.

If you are interested in how you can enrol your child onto one of these programmes or an organisation looking to connect with Ultra Education CIC visit their website.
You can also connect with them on Twitter, where they're @ultra_education or on Instagram.
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