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Molly is the Greater London Authority Conservative candidate for Brent & Harrow.

She campaigns strongly on issues like homelessness, social justice, knife crimes & anti-bullying.

Her parents were part of the Windrush Generation and she was a former Karate Champion and a World Cup Gold medal winner!

All information and links were correct at the date of original publication on
13 Oct 2020

Why do you feel it’s important for you to stand up for politics?

It’s important to have inclusive politics and diverse representation in politics then we are living in a true democracy. We are not at the moment in this country.

I want to be afforded the same opportunities as others who wish to become involved in politics as an MP. To facilitate local people’s and ethnic minorities views and issues.

There is not a Caribbean or enough black women in Parliament from the party I love, Conservative, and I would like to see this change.

It’s important that more people from that background come forward and stand for office.

The only way you can inspire people to do this is to become that role model, so I have set out to practice what I preach.

What can black women wishing to stand in politics learn from COVID-19 or Brexit?

Ethnic minorities are the most disadvantaged group with regards to COVID-19.

The government has pledged to research further into this area of the coronavirus with black people coming out the worse in terms of being highly infected.

However, to some degree we know that more research needs to be carried out with regards to Vitamin D, and differing ways our immune systems responds to the virus and treatment.

A black woman wishing to stand at this moment would benefit tremendously from stimulating a debate about this issue; back up by hard research to present the finding to our current Health Minister, Matt Hancock MP.

As a former athlete I know how important keeping fit is to good health and well-being.

I researched ways of assisting people with their diet and came up with Pocket Gym who provide one-on-one virtual fitness via their free app.

I am the GLA (Greater London Authority) candidate for Brent and Harrow and to assist with the high death rates over COVID-19 I am in the process of developing a self-defence free app.

Brexit is personal to each individual whether a person believes we should have voted out for staying in, and therefore many people will have differing views on exiting the European Union.

My thoughts are we have left and must move on with the belief that our elected government is doing their best to protect British interests and produce the best results post-Brexit and the pandemic.

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Why is Black History Month important?

I was involved in the discovery of Black Cultural Arts with Tessa Sanderson CBE and other famous athletes.

This was to ensure that the achievements of black and Asians are there fore all who seek the truth about the accomplishments of black and Asian achievements for Great Britain.

Black history is the missing identity that black Brits seek that will make them realise they are British, if they are born in Britain.

I grew up in the 70s and was only taught parts of history that related to the white heroes.

I was that child who kept interrupting the teacher asking “was their people like me who did anything great for Britain?”. But more often than not, I was totally ignored.

Most of the school pupils from that era are parents now and taught their children of these experiences. I didn’t. I taught my children to be proud to be British and that white people also died so we could be free.

People say “Molly, history is history, why do we need to learn about black history?”. I say “black kids didn’t have a choice in deciding if they wanted to learn about white history”.

I believe in a balanced society and I believe it must be included into the curriculum for that reason.

No-one should ever feel guilty for what has gone on before. We must come together and right what has been wronged.

You can keep up-to-date with Molly on Twitter, where she’s @molly4brenthrow
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