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Having been there, seen that, done that, sold the T-shirt,  Sharon knew how debilitating ‘stuck’ was.

With over 25 years in personal development as a coach trainer psychotherapist alchemist, with an MA in the field, she also knew ‘stuck’ was a massive developmental clue. 

It’s telling you some of your glorious untapped potential wants to come alive but is being blocked big time by a part of you which fears change. Result equals STUCK!

So, she created a new process for women to resolve feeling stuck by finding the delicious secrets of their Core Passion; feelings-heart-spirit-soul-essential-life-energy-ooomph!

People learn how to CO-OPERATE with feeling stuck, to neutralise obstacles and find Core Passion, the vital life energy geyser, which activates decision making and galvanizes them into action.

Working 1:1 and with groups… webinars, workshops and a new book all set for 2013.  Sharon’s courses allow you to take your very own Passion Pulse Check™, get updates and her ‘Shazam’ ezine to boost living outrageously well.

All information and links were correct at the date of original publication on
12 Dec 2012

What was the catalyst that made you decide to go into business?

I was a maverick working for organisations which made such hard work of things, were male dominated and full of stab you in the back politics. 

Not the place for one feisty, anti-establishment and say-it–how-it-is woman!

By my 30s I’d re-trained as a psychotherapist and coach.  Not wanting to work for pennies in counselling organisations or play the corporate games, starting my own business was a no-brainer.

What was holding you back from being an entrepreneur at the time?

Fears that I would slip on a banana skin, not earn enough money and end up a bag lady.  Though I went ahead and did it.

So, somewhere I had faith that I could make a go of it.

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What was the best business advice you were given?

Do what you’re passionate about.

What is the most exciting thing happening in your sector right now?

In a time of turmoil and change, more and more women are seeking meaning and purpose in how they’re being, what they’re doing and how they’re living.

I believe there’s a push from the collective unconscious to create life more in line with a passionating-freedom-honouring-collaborating-’one-for-all-all-for-one’-peace’n’prospering-humanity. 

And those women will spearhead this shift however big or small their spheres of influence.

Through changing their own lives they’re helping to change the world.  Sooo exciting!

What are your customers demanding more from you at the moment?

More connectivity.

In the process of creating a by-invitation-only website where women who want more passion in their life and recognise the need for change can connect and also be resources for each other.

What social media tool are you using at the moment?

Twitter seems to be the most valuable and the moment for creating relationships on and offline…

Ultimately, I don’t think you can beat in the flesh meetings or, if not possible, Skype meetings to develop relationships and support business opportunities.

What is your take on personal business failures?

They’re all part of your personal and business learning curves; part of your evolution as a human being.

If you reflect on what you could have done differently and implement what you learn, you’re a winner.

If you don’t, get out of the pot!  As Einstein said, to keep on doing what you’ve always done and expect different results is absolutely insanity. 

Failures are there for your learning… as well as your successes.

What is difference that is making the difference for success in business at the moment?

Being able to anticipate changes, perceive them as opportunities and successfully rise to their challenge.  And if you didn’t quite see the change coming, to get your arse into gear immediately you do!

Who are you following on Twitter and why?

Ronna Detrick for her passionating spirituality.

Various news feeds to keep abreast of what’s going on.

Various journalists for developing potential media relationships.

Colleagues and partners in crime… for development and the craic.

Lastly, @HuffPost for interesting and relevant articles.

What book would you recommend for entrepreneurs?

The best book you can ever read as an entrepreneur at any particular time is the one which attracts your eye and hand when you’re scanning the shelves in your favourite bookshop.  And if you only by books by the internet you are so missing a trick.

The book you choose might not necessarily be about business and I guarantee what you learn from it will be 100% applicable.

Trust yourself to choose the book you need to learn from right now.

What is your favourite quote and how are you applying this in your business?

I’ve got loads!  Current one is;

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that things are difficult” from that wise old kook Seneca.

I am applying it in my business by being very present and very me 1000%!

Total consistency with me and my brand even when I feel vulnerable…

And, believe me, when you’re being congruent there will be times when you feel vulnerable.  But no bravado… my old default position when feeling scared, nervous, etc.  Just being/doing with what is utterlyutterly in the moment.  Also, am applying by exploring new media for a non-techy me, like making videos.  Hold your hats!

What next for your business?

Webinars, workshops on how passion is the X-Factor in your business, events associated with new book about how women change the world eta April 2013, and website/forum for women who want to live with passion… On target, on fire and sizzling!

For further information on Sharon and her work, visit her website at You can also follow Sharon on Twitter, where she’s @sharoneden
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