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SherryAnn is highly respected in the ethnic community in Britain and developed a following of dedicated followers from her editorial and radio show interviews with celebrities such as Dr. Maya Angelou, Nelson Mandela, Iyanla Vanzant, Barry White, Luther Vandross, Pam Grier, Jasmine Guy, Nia Long, Cedella Marley, Whitney Houston, Alice Walker, Terry McMillan, John Holt and many more.

Coming from a background of Beauty and PR, as renowned journalist Sherry edited two magazines – Pride Magazine, SHE Caribbean and also became Editor at Large for Essence Magazine for a short while.

She has written for many publications including The Guardian, Sunday Observer, The Times, Guyana Chronicle & Stabroek News, Upscale Magazine and The Voice.

She has done numerous television and radio shows including Lorraine Kelly (LK Today) and BBC Worldwide helping to dispel the myths surrounding health and beauty for women of colour.

All information and links were correct at the date of original publication on
5 Oct 2020

How has life changed for you since returning to Guyana?

Returning to Guyana in 2019 was exciting for me yet frightening. I had taken time out in 2017 to do a 3 months stay in order to decide what I wanted to do with my life.

I was really getting more and more unhappy in the UK and I was hitting pension age, still doing a lot of talks in my community but I was so miserable.

Leaving my family behind was the hardest, but I did so with their blessings and starting a new life in the sunshine. It was a great feel-good factor.

I knew getting work would not be a problem because in 2017 when I came for three months. I was seriously stacked up with bookings to speak at events and spent a lot of time mentoring and doing motivational work with young girls and women.

Shopping was difficult for me because I left Guyana when I was 10 years old and I really did not understand the markets; sweeping the house every day, watering plants and hanging out clothes in the backyard.

The apartment was lovely but I had to adapt things to what I was used to.

To be honest that was the biggest challenge. I now have a driver, a helper to do the gardening and all the things I stress about.

My fun is meeting new people, watching the little children catching fish in the nearby trenches and walking down the dodgy road with no sidewalks with my umbrella to shade me.

I am always dodging the sun as its more or less 90 degrees here.

People in the Caribbean are much more likely to offer to help you out.

I live in a small village not far from town and quite often if I can’t find something like bitter gourd or local honey, I just ask someone and they would get it for me.

I also have mahout pepper made for me. To be honest, it’s my way of giving back to the community and supporting the small businesses.

What’s next for 2021?

I have started my consultancy services to do workshops teaching personal empowerment, public relations and transformational coaching. It’s challenging now because of COVID.

I never planned for this lockdown but in a way it’s a good thing that I have the skills from being an Editor. I am used to working online so that has helped me a lot.

Obviously I miss the one-to-one contact and seeing people’s true expressions, watching them play with fingers or twiddle their toes when we discuss uncomfortable issues.

Interpersonal skills is about seeing and understanding the person totally. So this part is a bit difficult.

On the upside, I have started a discussion series on Facebook Live. It’s called Let’s Talk with SherryAnn Dixon and originally, it was supposed to be for a few months but I’m now on No. 20 and intend to keep it going.

It reminds me of when I did my radio programme and I get great joy in interviewing the people in my life, all of whom have great experience and can help others.

To be honest I laugh a lot more now.

I don’t know if I will continue to live here forever. I am learning about the country to live here forever. I am learning about the country  that I left when I was 10 years old and it’s exciting. But what I will say for now. I intend to live my life authentically.

I need to be happy. Nothing more or nothing less.

Image by Josephine Bredehoft
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We’re so happy that Sherry Ann is finding her new home again.
If you want to keep up-to-date with her, you can follow her on Twitter, where she’s @SherryADixon
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