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Yvonne is launching the ‘Permission to Thrive’ online community in 2022.  This platform is focused on reconnecting women to their innate power through self-care practices, personal development and having fun, whilst also ensuring they have time dedicated to their wellbeing.

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8 Dec 2021

Writing a Business Plan. Was it a good idea?

Since my first business back in 2005, I have had a business plan and it was created as part of a 6-week starting a business course I attended in Bath, Somerset.

It was definitely a good idea and helped me to set clear goals for years 1 through to 5.

What did you learn?

I learnt that a business plan is a living breathing document. It’s not something you write once and leave, it is something you go back to, to review, reflect & revise.

Also, if, like me, your business direction changes, you extract what is no longer relevant and build the new business model into it.

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Did you start without one?

No, it was one of the first tools I was advised to have but I was also told not to get overly attached to it as it would change.

Where did you start?

My first business was online serving clients globally.

Since then, as my business has changed direction, it is now online for global reach and offline, based in Somerset, and working across the UK.

If you are ready to reach happy by learning to put yourself first, then reach out to Yvonne at
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