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The Alpha Group is on a mission to help 1,000,000 SME’s worldwide to double the value of their business and dominate their marketplace.

DO YOU....

As a Regional Director you will:

  • Have an exclusive area, town or part of a city and no other member of The Alpha Group will operate in your area.

  • Be responsible for setting up and running an Alpha Group board.

    • With the Alpha Group team support, you will recruit and develop the group to the optimum of 20 members.

  • Get trained to manage invaluable business strategy workshops using our unique high-impact FastGrowth workbooks designed to help in many areas that block business growth. These tend to run for the first hour.

  • Get trained in various coaching methods. Members have the option of a 90 minutes monthly GOLD COACHING session with the Regional Director.

  • The monthly one-on-one meetings will be held over the course of approximately two years to ensure dramatic improvements in members' self-confidence, performance and business growth.

  • *The application process is followed by a two-stage interview and a training period ensures that you have been chosen because of your qualities.


For further information visit:

  • Have a passion and desire to coach and help business owners grow and succeed?

  • Want to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss?

  • Want a business coaching model with superb cash flow as well as wealth building opportunities?

  • Want to be independent, but not alone?

  • Want to join forces with the future global leaders of the peer-to-peer boardroom  industry?

  • Want access to the world’s best system for increasing value of small- to mid- sized businesses?

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