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Are You Focussed on the Right Things?

How do you start out each business day? Overwhelmed and stressed or empowered and focused.

Too many people are running around in their business day emotionally and physically disorganised and chaotic; hiding behind an “I’m so busy” ritualistic schedule.

This may work in the short term (if you are lucky) but it is not an ideal way to grow your business in the long term.

This month find one area that you are passionate about improving in your business and make it your priority to develop, nurture and grow it.

Just like a bodybuilder, who works on one muscle meticulously and consistently day after day until they get the perfect bicep, they focus on one area of their body at a time.

Not only will they exercise, lift weights and eat correctly until they get the results they want, but when it comes to another area of their body, they also apply an equally focused and different process to achieve a successful result until the whole body is as perfect as can be.

We must use this perspective when we look at different areas of our business and put in place a plan to meet the desired goal.


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