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Celebrating Black History Month 2020

Updated: Sep 14, 2022


Carter G Woodson created Black History Month in February 1926, to counter the invisibility and experience of black people in US History.

Woodson chose the second week of February in order to celebrate the birthday of Lincoln and Frederick Douglass.

By celebrating heroic Black figures—be they inventors, entertainers or soldiers, Woodson hoped Black History Month would challenge the negative imagery and stereotypes that were often the only manner black people were depicted in popular culture and mainstream media.

Sixty years later, Black History Month was adopted in the UK in October 1987 as a result of community activism challenging racism and the Eurocentric version of history that dominated the state school system.

Today, with the cries of #GeorgeFloyd and the #BLM movement, it is more important than ever that the Month is used to raise awareness and a positive celebration to overcome any adverse narrative about whether Black History Month matters.

Yes, Black History Month does matter!

Looking at all the events, lectures, and webinars across the UK, it proves it is a great opportunity to share a common vision and purpose.

It’s a time for us to come together to share stories of black achievement and resilience and provide a greater understanding to the broader community. It’s not about romanticising a history that is already ripe with heroines and achievers, it’s about using history to educate future generations that change does not come without struggle and sacrifice.

Black History Month is the perfect time to acknowledge cultural diversity, share memories and celebrate the contributions of Black people in academia, media, scholars, authors, poets and politics to name a few.

During October there are many ways to celebrate Black History Month which can be found on We’ve put together a list of special events that are taking place across the UK and US.

But more importantly, let’s use this month to share your unheard stories, events or blogs to the wider SistaTalk community.

Here’s to celebrating and recognising excellence, resilience and change.

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