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Cherriane's Modelling Blog No. 1

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

One of my good friends suggested that I start writing a blog to update you all on my adventures/ activities within the modelling world, so here goes!

My blogs will also be helpful for me to share my experiences as plus size and older model.

It all started off when I met Daronte a few years ago (of Darontes' Designs-a local designer and local business) and took part in around 5 fashion shows which meant I had to learn (quickly!!) how to walk in 3-inch heels-a first for me!!

One of the fashion shows was at the Mayor of Haringey's Charity Ball, so I was almost famous!

One of Daronte's Designs

I knew my office job was coming to an end (due to redundancy In October 2007-which happened at the right time!) and so I answered an advert in September 2007 on the Star Now website that was asking for bra fitting models.

Within a few days of answering the ad, I found myself in the head office of M&S no less! And I was the size they were looking for as well!

From that, I got regular work which included working for another couple of agencies which is how I ended up going to Paris to work for Playtex on the Eurostar twice!

Although the M&S work has now tapered off there are always other opportunities for those (like me!) who are always on the lookout for them! Below I've written a brief account of my most recent modelling experiences.

MTS Productions

These are a very friendly bunch, I answered an ad I saw in The Metro newspaper and they were quite quick in responding to me. I was asked to attend an interview where they assessed my suitability for modelling.

As I sat in the waiting room to be seen I have to admit that there were all kinds of doubts in my mind – being the oldest and the only plus-size model I had seen in there and being surrounded by size zero people!

But I said my affirmations and visualised the interview going well which it did (of course!). I wasn't sure about this agency as they are the only ones that have asked for money - this was money to be featured on their website (£50) and money to produce a portfolio.

To be honest, because my most recent experience had been as a fitting model (that's where clothes/ lingerie etc of your size are tried on you to see if they fit ok) and not as a catwalk or photographic model I hadn't thought I would need a portfolio, but in the end, I agreed for this portfolio to be produced to open up my opportunities.

I did the photo shoot on 2nd Feb 2008 which was a bit nerve-wracking as people were watching (the photo studio could be seen from the reception area), but in the end, I forgot about them as I did my posing stuff!

As a result, I do have some great pics of me on CD as well as in the folio which can't be bad. I think the costs are comparable to other agencies and even if they aren't, in the words of the well-known advert 'I'm worth it!' and I look at this as an investment in my future.

I'll keep you updated on my progress with this agency. Last week they sent me an e-mail saying that they had forwarded my details to a couple of clients and were waiting for a response.

In my 'quiet' or 'resting' period I am making sure I am planting the seeds of success to ensure that as many modelling agencies as possible have me on their books to increase my potential for success.

I have registered with around 6 agencies specifically as a plus-size model and also as an extra for films etc on a couple of them. (Let me know if you would like to have a look at a few of my profiles or require further info).

BTW-did I tell you I acted as an extra in a short film in December 2007? The film is called 'These angry girls' and I played a canteen assistant.

The exciting news…………!

Last week I was involved in filming for How to Look Good Naked (HTLGN). Don't worry-I'm not the main person featured in the programme, but I'm one of the testers for the beauty products they have (The naked army!).

Can you spot me??

Me and around 40 ladies amassed in North Dulwich in a beautiful house complete with a swimming pool and designer garden for the day.

They had instructed us to wear white bras and pants for the filming and I was worried about having to be 'exposed' in my underwear but in the end, we were all given white bathrobes which we wore throughout the day and for the filming.

Beforehand they had sent me some highlighter, hair shiner, beauty serum and lip plumper to test. Then we had to chat on camera about how we found the products (just the hair shiner and highlighter for this day) and whether we would buy them.

Me, Gok Wan and a lovely friend called Dreya-trust me to have my eyes closed!

I was interviewed (by a presenter they tell me is Esther Rantzen's daughter) about the highlighter which was the most expensive one but most people who tested it didn't like it.

I found the highlighter ok-although at first glance I thought it just wasn't for my skin tone. But one of the other black ladies told me I had to blend it really well for it to work properly.

When I was interviewed I hadn't been told the price of it-but then they said it was £24 and I honestly wouldn't have spent that much on it although the results were ok.

There will be another couple of days of filming as they still need to feature the lip plumper and beauty serum.

I of course will be letting you know when it will be on TV as I'm not sure yet. I better sign off now as I don't want to overdo it with my first update!

If you would like to know about my activities around my life coaching world there's a blog on my website (

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