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Cherriane's Modelling Blog No. 2

On the suggestion of a good friend (thanks Dionne!) I have started writing a blog to update you all on my adventures/ activities within the modelling world.

These blogs will allow me to share my experiences as plus size and older model and update you on what I've been up to so far.

What have I been up to since the first blog I hear you ask?

Things have been a bit slow but of course, I'm continuing to say my affirmations every day, I'm still using my visualisations and am sure that I will have many more opportunities/ jobs in the future and lots of success.

I hope you have managed to catch me on How To Look Good Naked (on Channel 4, Tuesdays at 8pm).

I have been featured talking about highlighter pens, beauty serums, hair shiners and night creams.

The show yesterday was the last one, next week it's 10 Years Younger so if you missed me that's it I'm afraid!

I have been for castings for Debenhams for their bras and am waiting to hear if they want to use me in the future.

That's the thing about the modelling business, the waiting around and waiting to hear. It can be very frustrating indeed! It's a good thing that I've been blessed with a lot of patience.

At the casting, I tried on around 5 bras most of which fit me beautifully.

After the casting had finished I have to admit I dashed to the main shop to buy the ones I had tried on that I liked and ended up buying 3 bras plus matching knickers.

The prices were great too - around £13-16 for each bra! I have discovered that Debenhams have the most wonderful bra/undies section (and their bras go up to an H cup) and are very reasonably priced too! (I promise you this isn't an advert!)

I discovered even more great things about Debenhams recently but more about that a bit later on.

The good news for those of you with larger cup sizes is that Debenhams, M&S and Playtex are working on and will be launching ranges with larger cup sizes in the near future.

On Tuesday 6th May I attended a workshop for plus-size women that was being organised and run by Trinny and Susannah (T&S). It was held in Chigwell and there was a coach from St Pancreas that took us to the Chigwell location.

The organisers were a bit disappointed as many of the ladies that said they were going to come didn't turn up-the coach was supposed to leave St Pancreas at 10.30 am but they waited til 11.15 am-ish to allow for lateness and just in case any others came-but they didn't.

When we arrived in Chigwell we were ushered into a marquee for a buffet lunch (nothing too fancy only sandwiches and undercooked chicken, although the mini tarts for dessert were nice!) and after some waiting around, we went outside-it was a lovely day-where Trinny & Susannah joined us.

This is Susannah answering a question from an audience member

Before the workshop, we had been asked to bring an item of clothing that we disliked (basically 'bring your tents!') and we were filmed throwing our items of clothing up in the air.

We then hung all of our 'tents' on a clothesline and they were displayed around the marquee. I think they said they'll be sent to charity-although there were some nice tops that were being chucked out!

Some of the ‘tents’ (unwanted clothing/ tops) hanging around the marquee

We were then treated to a fashion show where approx. 10 ladies had been made over in beautiful dresses and it was great to see women of size 16+ in beautifully made dresses that had been bought from high street stores.

You probably know that T&S swear by their magic underwear and they showed the difference it made to a dress of one of the ladies was wearing.

She came onstage without the magic undies and then she came back onstage wearing them. The undies are great for giving a smooth silhouette and holding everything in and are much comfier than the old-style girdles our mums used to wear.

It made the dress fit much better. T&S offered general advice for plus-size women, on what we should be wearing and what we should be avoiding.

T&S onstage. Behind them are the women that had been made over. My fave is the red dress being worn by the blonde lady (just behind Susannah)

After the fashion show, there was a question and answer session where T&S answered specific questions from the audience.

The Question & Answer session part of the workshop. Unfortunately the only pics I got of T&S were mostly of their backs!

It was a great idea for a workshop although no real solutions were offered about the lack of real choice of plus size clothing in the shops, although T&S promised us that they will champion our cause they are both so very slim that they can't really identify with plus size issues. This was an opinion that was shared by a few of the women I chatted with.

If you would like to know about my activities around my life coaching world there's a blog on my website (

Do feel free to leave me a message in my guest book or drop me an e-mail.

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