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Dr. Ni is Blogging Again!!!!

Faithful Readers welcome back!!!!

Those of you who had the time to read the previous four posts which I pulled together as the first chapter of my new memoir, RUNNING HOME (attached for those who missed it), will be happy to discover the new blog that PeopleBiz, Inc., has so graciously awarded me on their company website.

"Scenes from the Coast: Dr. Ni's grace-filled Journey" debuted at on November 16th and will appear approximately every two weeks or so. The link is below:

... and of course I will always send you a notice when a new edition appears.

Please prowl around the PeopleBiz site as Alicia, Deborah, Paula and their staff do tons of good work for small business clients and executives the world over.

Coaching is their game and they are extremely good at it.

Speaking of coaching, I have some Leading Change homework awaiting me! Better get hopping ... I hope you all had wonderful Thanksgiving, those of you who celebrate it, and may the coming remainder of the holiday season fill you with joy.

As always, whatever your faith tradition, remember the reason for the season!

It is the close of Cyber Monday and I caution you to remember those friends and family members who may struggle this time of year with work, family, personal and intimate parties, gatherings, and other social obligations.

I like to think of my books as a point of conversation during which you can find yourself or someone you love; look within my book descriptions and find that tome that will help you tell yourself "I really do love myself and this is how" or tell someone else "I really do love you and this is why!"

Use my books as a point of discussion, as a point of healing, as a gesture of love.

The prices are down, the Lulu website is standardized, and, in fact, the Lulu prices are cheaper and updated far more favourably than on

Click on "Dr. Ni's Books" in my signature line (or click here: ) and find your own story among the million and one "from the Naked City."

With all of the love I can squeeze in an email,

Dr. Ni

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