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Have You Found Your Audrey?

Question: Who is buying your products or services?

What is their name? Where do they live? Are they married? Do they have kids? What newspaper do they read? What car do they drive? And so on, and so on ,,, To really connect you need to stop thinking customers and start thinking customer. Roll up all of your knowledge about your customer base into one, uber-customer with a name and a back story.

For me it’s Audrey; for you it could be Derek, or Melanie or John or Jane – it’s up to you. If you really ‘know’ your customers it makes it so much easier to understand what they want; remember, people buy on want and rationalise it as need afterwards. The outcome will be more sales. My advice?

  • Take some time to analyses your current customers (a little survey wouldn’t go amiss – try Survey Monkey)

  • Make a list of the criteria – name, age, address, marital status, number of children etc. etc. Be very specific

  • Find an photograph of a person who (to you) looks like your ideal customer

  • Put the photograph and the list somewhere that you can constantly see them

Now, when you plan your marketing, develop your services, write copy for your website or blog, stock new products do it just for Audrey.


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