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How To Cope With Being Single On Valentine's Day

For some people who are single, they see Valentine’s Day as a sad day.

It is a time when some go into a deep depression as they mourn the loss of a previous relationship or they strive to have someone in their life to share a romantic day with.

For me, I have decided to take a positive approach and look for the good aspects of being single on Valentine's Day.

I know for sure that there are plenty of people who are celebrating Valentine's Day, with people they aren't really good for, just because they don't want to be alone. Count your blessings if you aren't in a situation like that.

This should be a time when you need to engage in extreme self-care. Valentine's Day should also be about you loving yourself, because if you don’t love yourself how can you expect others to love you?

People take clues on how to treat you from the way you treat yourself. Don't wait for a future person to do for you, what you can do today.

Buy yourself a bouquet of your favourite flowers or a box of your favourite chocolates or a lovely perfume - at least you get to choose exactly what you want this way!

Surround yourself with like-minded people. It is comforting to spend time around people who are in similar situations. But don't engage in pity parties. This day should be fun.

You should be celebrating the fact that you aren't in a relationship with someone you'd rather not be with on Valentine's Day.

For me, since I became single, I always go to the shops and buy myself a lovely card which I then post to myself. I always buy myself some flowers and have a lovely takeaway meal at home with my two young boys now aged 8 and 10.

I love it because my children always make me cards with lovely words which always bring a tear to my eyes.

Last year it was so wonderful when they decided to make me breakfast in bed and brought me some flowers and chocolates which they had secretly got my neighbour to buy for them.

Don't focus on being lonely. Focus on how much fun you have! Focus on how you can make plans on the spur of the moment and you don't have to run it by a significant other!

Don't feel pressured to rush into a relationship just because "everyone's dating someone." Guess what? Everyone's not dating someone!

If that were the case, no one would be single! It's better to wait for a good relationship that will last, instead of dating someone just because.

Remember that there's more to life than Valentine's Day. To have someone on Valentine's Day shouldn't be your ultimate goal. Think of Valentine's Day as a connecting flight, not the final destination.

Just have fun, and enjoy this time in your life. You only live once, so don't miss enjoying the single part of your life by rushing to become a couple.

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