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Jolt!™ For the Week of August 25, 2008

Many of us we have joined various online social networks and have begun accepting friendships from members of those groups.

While online social networking is an excellent way to build your network, what are you doing once you have a long list of friends in your networks?

How do you establish true professional relationships? How do you develop that network? Are you really utilizing that network to build synergies and collaborations, develop a referral system thus increasing your business revenue?

How do you do this?

There are many options:

  1. RECOMMEND one another for specific services each of you provides.

  2. SUPPORT local events.

  3. EXCHANGE links.

  4. PURCHASE their product.

  5. HIRE that company for a service.

By doing this you not only build a long lasting network but a solid business track record.

This Week’s Assignment

Select 5 friends from your social networking groups and determine which of the 5 options listed above you will utilize to strengthen your alliance with the individual / organization.

Your Success Advisor,

Alive Inc. Coach

seed. plant. grow.

ALIVE Magazine™

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