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Moving From Entrepreneur To Business Leader

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Have you ever wondered what is the personal formula that makes a dynamic leader?

When it comes to climbing the business ladder, a competent female leader certainly possesses individual qualities which allow them to stand out from the crowd; provide guidance to others and smash that proverbial glass ceiling to smithereens, but, the positive news is, that there is no secret formula and the majority of female entrepreneurs have these qualities in abundance.

So, what exactly are the 5 main traits that turn today’s females into the business leaders of the future?

They Have a Compelling Vision

Every business leader has a compelling vision for their future.

The biggest difference between a person with vision and one without is quite simple. The women with a vision has a plan!

They see the bigger picture and work towards it no matter what life throws at them. This type of leader has a clear vision, a goal in mind and is able to calculate the steps needed to reach that goal regardless of the obstacles or pitfalls that might stand in their way.

They do not see failure as an obstacle but a step closer to fulfilling their vision.

They Have Passion

The driving force behind every successful business leader is passion and it is something all entrepreneurial women can identify with and share.

Whether a woman is passionate about a particular subject, hobby or product or her dream is just to be able to run her own business. Every idea starts its life based on a passion and a burning desire to turn it into reality.

Passion will enable the business owner to push through boundaries with greater motivation, determination and inner strength to achieve the results at every step of the way to achieving their goals.

They are Good Decision Makers

A potential business leader would struggle to make it to the top without being an excellent decision maker.

The everyday decisions that need to be made in a leadership position don't miraculously make themselves and all leading ladies need to have the nous to make them quickly and accurately.

Knowing when to take a risk and when to step back is the sign of a cool front runner.

“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.” ― Tim Fargo
They are Great Team Builders

Different personalities, skill sets and backgrounds all make up a very diverse workforce.

Just like a good jigsaw puzzle, a successful business leader instinctively knows how to bring all the pieces together and make it work for the good of the whole company.

A good team builder has a natural affinity with people and possesses the glue that bonds it all together. A strong leader also knows you can't please all people all the time and acts accordingly.

They have Gravitas

Perhaps one of the most important traits of all, a great leader possesses personality.

A personality that others can relate and warm to is essential when it comes to the running of an organisation or event.

In keeping with this, a leader needs to have the ability to assess their own and others personalities and strategise, prioritise and delegate according to strengths and capabilities.

Doubt you are prepared to demand more from your leadership style, ensure that you acquire a dynamic mixture of character, determination and experience.

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