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My Perfect School Run

Doing the school run is one of those regular activities that a lot of us parents have to do each morning for 5 days, well sometimes it also covers the weekends as the children may have other weekend activities they are involved with.

Well last Sunday, I was determined that the school run this week will be smoother and less chaotic as the previous week was just a nightmare.

So on Sunday, I made sure the school uniforms were ironed and ready for the week.

The children did their homework and packed their school bags, PE bags, swimming bags, football boots, and outdoor school trainers.

We even checked that nothing was missing. We had a great family evening and the children even went to bed early. I must say, I felt pleased and looked forward to a great school-run week!

On Monday morning, I woke the boys up and they had their baths, brushed their teeth, and got ready with not much first.

They had their breakfast and had about 15 minutes to relax before we left the house. At this point, I even complimented them on how good they were.

I then got ready and it was now time to go, well I looked for my car keys and house keys where I thought I had left them, but… shock horror!!! I could not find them.

I did not want the children to notice I was panicking, so I went upstairs looking for the keys, and did not find them! A few minutes later my oldest son figured out something was wrong.

I was so busy looking for my keys I did not see his shocked face as he saw my bedroom was in a total mess, whilst I tried to look for the keys!

I explained that I could not find the keys. I then asked him to help me look for the keys.

Now they would be late for school as it was 8.40 and school starts at 8.45 and it takes me 10 minutes to drive to the school.

Now I was stressed as the whole house looked like a complete mess as we tried to look for the keys!

I gave up and thought it best to just call a minicab! As we were waiting for the minicab, I went to the fridge to get a drink………and yes, the keys were in there!!!!

I was amazed and in shock as I could not for a split second think of how they got in there!

Well, I cancelled the cab and eventually took the note so happy late children to school!

As I dropped them off, my young son said “well mum, you made us late this time”! I just said sorry!

Driving home, I could not bare to think of the mess I had made and now I would have to spend extra time tidying up!!!!

Well on the bright side, it was only Monday, and there will be more opportunities for the perfect school run during the week.

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