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Pay It Forward Boot Camp

Alive Incorporated wants to assist aspiring entrepreneurs in making their dreams a reality, providing clients with the financial independence they have always dreamed of. Through the Pay It Forward Boot Camp, participants will provide the idea, the hard work and a $249 investment. This $249 will be the participant's investment in the services provided through the program. For a six-month period, the team at Alive Incorporated will work with you for 1 -2 hours a week. This time will be used to advise clients on those necessary tools - business plan, marketing strategy, branding/identity package. The team at Alive Incorporated wants to see you succeed. All we ask is that you allow us to share your story with the readers of our magazine, ALIVE™ Magazine, as well as post information about you on our website and various blogs.

Think of this as a way to get exposure for your business before you even launch! Think of all the benefits you will receive over the next 6 months for a minimal investment.

Make your dreams a reality. Start your business today!

In the end, our hope is that once your business is established, you will help another aspiring entrepreneur and Pay It Forward! The next boot camp will begin on January 5, 2009. To register email Slots are filling fast!

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