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The Secularisation And Commercialisation Of Christ

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

What is at the heart of this Advent and Christmas Season? Why the date of December 25? Is it a genuine celebration in remembrance of the birth of Jesus Christ the Saviour of the World?

What about his life, teachings, death and resurrection and the blessed hope it brings to humanity of life after death for all who believe?

When did the celebration and remembrance of this fringe religious figure take centre stage and why December 25 was selected?

I read recently three possible reasons. I quote:

  1. Sextus Julius Aficanus was a Roman believer who believed that Jesus conception was March 25th and nine months later would be December 25th.

  2. Secondly, in the 3rd century, Rome, a secular community, celebrated the winter solace on the 25th.

  3. The third is that the believers in Rome started recognising Christmas on 25th in 336 AD because of Constantine rule. Constantine supported the Christian faith in Rome across the vast empire probably because of political expediency to lessen the pagan celebration in the country.

But from the power of the Emperors of Rome in all their manifestation and their ultimate demise to the Universal Church and the Papacy to the trans-Atlantic slave traders and owners, such as the British Government and Church of England, who were slave owners and direct beneficiaries of the barbaric and inhumane treatment of a part of the human family for profit and selfish gain.

The Gospel Message of Truth about Christ and his kingdom has been hi-jacked, corrupted and used by unscrupulous men to brainwash, decisive, control, manipulate, dominate and exploit vulnerable people.

Now it’s the god and deities of Mammon that’s has secularised and commercialised what is commonly known as ‘Christmas’ so defined intentionally but not necessarily because of any conviction of sin, conversion and faith in Christ for salvation, but for socio-religious, socio-political and socio-economic reasons.

The Christmas 🎄🎅🎁 season is now for many nothing about their cultural and religious traditions, rather than the conviction of the relevance of Christ in their daily lives.

These cultural traditions, coupled with myths and false teachings of men denies and ignores the Biblical teachings about the significance to humanity of the birth, life, death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

It’s now the Advent season and the temples of consumerism are fully decorated, enticing and welcoming the hordes of faithful and devoted worshippers with the commercialisation of Christ for profit.

Many will lose their minds in the desperate search for that perfect gift for that special loved one. But they know not, understand, and comprehend who Jesus is from a Biblical perspective.

The Birth of Jesus the Christ was our Creator’s greatest expression of agape love so freely bestowed upon humanity.

Christ is God’s free gift to us, God Himself in the personage of the Son of God, fulfilling His plan for our redemption through the power of His loyal love and faithfulness to His covenant people first the Jews and through them to the rest of humanity.

Who is Jesus?

60 seconds please of your precious time in exchange for eternity of time if you believe and freely receive the ultimate gift to humanity even to this very day.

Who was Jesus and what was his message of God’s Kingdom really about? Check out Bible Basic's video, Who is Jesus? below.

Christ, the name associated with the season, from the beginning of ‘Christmas’ celebration is in many people’s eyes and minds is a myth just like Santa.

In the Gospel according Matthew 15:6-9 it is reported that Jesus, reading the motives of the people’s hearts, declared

“You hypocrites! Isaiah prophesied correctly about you. These people honour Me with their mouth but their hearts are from Me. They worship Me in vain, they as teach as doctrine the traditions, the precept and teachings of men.”

As a friend of mine said, today people are aggrieved at the nativity story that there was no room in the inn, but is there room in the hearts of the people to receive Christ Jesus, for Him to dwell continually.

Jesus wants to give birth to a new spiritual life in Him. This, when we are born-again of the Spirit from above, which is a must to see and enter into the Kingdom of God.

We then set out on a journey of discovering our true identify, origin, destiny and purpose in Christ to becoming God’s children and recreation in the Image and likeness of Christ.

With the world in a state, our only hope of a future for humanity is Christ. We, who believe are encouraged and admonished to be alert, attentive and watchful and to pray for our final redemption draws near.

This article was submitted by Elijah Augustus, The Shema Community. For more information go to:

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