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6 Ways To Be More Focused & Happier

When I wrote this, I saw the aftermath of a car accident.

An Audi sports car & a learner Kia had collided causing a horrible crash.

Looking on with the many bystanders, I saw one of the ladies [there were 2] from the learner's vehicle lying on the pavement, with the other lady sitting beside her.

The driver from the other vehicle was also lying on the pavement but on the other side of the road. Hoping both parties were OK I thought to myself, if anything happened to me today and I left this earth, would I have any regrets? Am I fulfilling all the wants I dream of? My answer...

Yes, I Doodliy Am…

And it's working smarter that allows me to have no regrets.

It's weird how unexpected events can make you question yourself. Well, that’s enough of me sharing my day and my thoughts, let's move on.

1. One Message Is Never Enough, Time To Step Away

Time yourself on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. Allow about 10 to 15 minutes to check, respond, pin & upload any images.

These places thrive on sucking you into their sites, they want you to spend all day chilling out in their space.

By allocating a time frame to deal with your social media updates, you make sure your focus returns back to your overall business.


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