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7 Days to a More Resilient You

Challenging times put our resilience to the test.

To help you build your resilience Coach Jenny Garrett and fellow experts Jackee Holder, Andrea Watts and Deborah McTaggart have created a series of 7 short video clips, each sharing a practical strategy for building your resilience.

The clips range from 1 to 2.5 minutes, they are powerful boosts of advice, designed to empower women managers, leaders and founders.

However we are inclusive, so if you feel that you can benefit, please free to sign up whoever you are.

This is your opportunity to:

  • Gain the strategies that you need to be resilient

  • Banish overwhelm and anxiety

  • Respond well to life’s challenges

If you want to become more resilient and able to deal with the uncertainty we face now and in the future, and help others do the same.

This free simple and effective video series is for you.

Register to receive these short video clips by email or text message for the next seven days for free


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