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Abram Wilson - Jazz Musician

Dear friends,

It is my understanding that on 9th June 2012 the jazz musician from New Orleans, Mr Abram Wilson died. He died of cancer.

Abram was known to me. He was a black academic who decided to follow his dreams as a professional musician. His instrument was the trumpet.

What I liked about Abram as a musician and academic is that he gave 100%. When I knew him, he was working closely with Gary Crosby and his wife Janine at the Dune record label.

Being passionate about music Abram actively encouraged a lot of young men to play an instrument rather than waste time on the streets. He worked with Soweto Kinch and Jason Yarde both heavyweights in jazz.

I truly thought that Abram would follow in the footsteps of Wynton Marsalis; they were on the same wavelength!

I do feel compelled to write this blog about Abram because I am very surprised that his death has not hit the mainstream news. A press release has been done, but I do feel the death of such an exceptionally talented black male has gone unnoticed.

His family may have asked for their privacy to be respected at what must be a difficult time for them.

Even the summary of Abrams's life in Wikipedia is lacking, because I did look into his background many years ago. That's how I realised that he was an exceptional man.

Sadly I can not help feeling that if my friend was a thug or a rioter he may have had more press coverage.

May the soul of Abram Wilson rest in peace and my thoughts and prayers are with his family.

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