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Affirmation Time

Great uprising, divine melanin, rich souls of the universe.

It is a full moon, blue moon, lunar eclipse affirmation ritual time.

I clear, I cleanse, I release with love (what do you release with love? Name your biggest fear). Repeat 9 times.

I vision, I request with love I unifest (what do you want to bring into being? Name your greatest desire) Repeat 9 times.

Let me share with you what I want. What do I want? I want the melanin-rich nations of the world to reclaim our freedom, our self-esteem and to self-actualise.

I realise in order to be the captain of my ship, the author of my story, the spirit of my destiny, I must be the guardian of the wealthiest land on the planet.

Where is that land? Afraka

Af = body

Ra = sun

Ka = soul

In order to reclaim, I must be present on the land. To be present on the land constructively, positively and powerfully I must know the land. I must connect to the land, I must remember, I must align with all land, for my reclaiming to be successful.

So here I sit on the sinking ship called England speaking with my ancestors, listening to their guidance and walking my path. They tell me "timing is everything. Everything you do is in preparation of reclamation of the Motherland, the ancestral home, the womb of creation". I listen and I know, when I have fulfilled my destiny I will bid you farewell and leave this world in the capable hands of our children.

The process of the lunar eclipse in January, solar eclipse in February and equinox energy in March can leave us bursting with hope, optimism, supreme Awareness, confidence, joy, love and peace, and at other times confused and disoriented as we continue to release our fears in trust of our ancestors, and Divine womb of creation, as we expand into our true Divinity.

It is with this vision and sensitivity to the changes we are undergoing that I invite melanin-rich sistars to join the feminine rise equinox retreat.

Let your imagination be free, let your heart be open and let your affirmations include being part of this beautiful spiritual adventure as we journey during this full moon, blue moon lunar eclipse energy. It is a powerful one. Put this energy to great use!

Looking forward to joining forces with you.

Divinely yours

Griot Chinyere.

CONTACT DETAILS - - - 0758 222 8967

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