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Award-Winning Entrepreneur Partners with Government-Backed Initiative to Provide Start-Up Loans

Award-winning entrepreneur, Mavis Amankwah, has recently made the official announcement that she has been appointed as Business Ambassador for Positive Inclusions.

Start-Up Loans have commissioned Positive Inclusions, in conjunction with Rich Visions Small Business, to act as Delivery Partners to assist in providing effective loan support and mentoring to aspiring entrepreneurs across England.

Since starting Positive Inclusions has provided over £1million to 200 young people, between the ages of 18-30, helping them to start their own business.

Start-Up Loans is a government backed initiative that aims to provide mentoring and financial support to young upcoming entrepreneurs, which would not normally be available through traditional banking relationships.

The scheme intends to boost the UK economy by supporting the development of over 25,000 new UK businesses.

Mavis Amankwah, a serial entrepreneur and PR Mogul, has been responsible for creating over 50 campaigns for established commercial and corporate organisations (including ASDA, Comic Relief and Digital UK TV) as well as helping over 200 small businesses grow.

Mavis has previously been named as one of PR Week’s most powerful people in PR for five consecutive years, and is perfect for the position as a Business Ambassador for Positive Inclusions, and hopes to proactively assist young people to pursue their business ambitions.

While speaking of her new role, Mavis Amankwah stated,

I will be assisting the committee and team to ensure applicants are given the right business support and advice throughout their journey with our organisation.”

Young people are guaranteed to benefit from this government scheme, as it provides them the opportunity to access finance, which often may be difficult to attain due to age and credit history.

“‘This programme is helping to break down some of the barriers faced by youthful communities in terms of youth unemployment and helping aspiring entrepreneurs to make their dreams become a reality’.

Start-Up Loans is aimed at young entrepreneurs between the ages of 18-30 years old, who live in England and are seeking finance to start a business.

With investment of over £110 million to provide start-up loans to young aspiring entrepreneurs; this initiative offers applicants the chance to combat the increasing numbers of youth unemployment, which we are currently experiencing.

To apply for the government backed loan with a business mentor, please visit: or

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