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Can You Train to Become a Successful Entrepreneur?

I think it is important that every man must have a vocation – a trade, a business, or a profession – in order to earn his livelihood.

There are institutions for imparting various types of specialised training to help men qualify for this.

The specialist is in demand everywhere, - in the office as well as in factories, and even in educational institutions.

The traditional belief that we must prepare ourselves to be ‘employable’ is under threat.

The counterargument encourages us to ‘gear up’ for earning our own money, rather than seeing income as someone else’s responsibility.

With the population dramatically ageing and low-level jobs increasingly swallowed up by machinery, entrepreneurship will be a necessity for many, rather than a lifestyle choice for some.

SMEs are of course already leading this charge but in order to gear ourselves up for the future we need to start off by asking a serious question, defining criteria, examining trends, the impact these trends will have and planning a way to jointly prepare yourself to be both employable and entrepreneurial a ‘virtual’ institution, you “Prepare yourself to be a globally small business.”

We are living in a new economy—powered by technology, fueled by information, and driven by knowledge.

As we are entering the new century with opportunity on our side a budding entrepreneur's question is more vital than one thinks.

Question: I'm on a reasonably low budget but am starting a business and want to know which courses would help me become 'business savvy'?

Answer: Starting the process of owning a business requires a vision, and passion all balanced with attention to detail. You need to be a generalist who understands the multiple aspects of running a business, as well as the ability to step back and see the big picture and to reach into the future.

I would recommend a 2-day business boot camp course as this will help to fill in the gaps such as how to:

  • Apply the best methods for creating, leading, and managing your own business

  • Establish an organisational framework through operations, finance, and leadership

  • Set up an effective and efficient system for hiring, retaining, and succession planning

  • Start researching and designing your strategic plan. Don’t plan to fail

  • Describe the essential elements of marketing, sales, and your company brand

  • Apply financial and accounting terms correctly and apply for finance if needed.

I think before you invest in a business it is highly recommended that you make a small investment in yourself first.

We have seen reports that over 60% of businesses fail in the first year, this is because they put the passion into gear without the right fuel.

What most people, and entrepreneurs do not have in today’s current environment is time the necessary resources, banks and suppliers want to be comforted with evidence of excellence.

I don’t recommend doing some free download courses on the internet for many reasons.

Try to attend some of these new small intense workshops with specialists who can answer the questions or stimulate thinking and new ideas and even group discussion can help refine your ideas.

Visit for more information on short business entrepreneur boot camps. Or call Diane on 0203 651 5675 for a free 15 minute

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About the Author

Diane Shawe’s passion for turning dreams into realities has been launching her clients beyond their limitations and into the lives, they truly deserve since 2003.

She provides the benefits of mentoring through a number of career planning workshops and online mentor programs accredited by the globally recognised Academy of Vocational & Professional Training (AVPT).

Since establishing her business through AVPT Diane has been committed to offering the benefits of mentoring to individuals and organisations and helping them overcome the range of challenges they face. By continually adding to her vast scope of knowledge, qualifications and experience her clients have been able to enjoy the workable tools she offers that lead to their desired personal and professional success.

Whether you’re looking to add structure to your career planning, or provide your workers with professional training in areas such as conflict resolution, time management, and leadership skills you’ll appreciate the confidential, professional and friendly way all her materials are delivered.

Diane’s holistic approach to making a positive difference has seen her broadening her scope of influence while giving back to philanthropic organisations such as the Kensington Chelsea and Business Club, Pink Shoe and Nexters.

Diane’s membership to some of the more prestigious bodies such as the Institute of Directors, Chartered Management Institute, WEconnect, Solicitors Regulation Authority and International Accreditation Organisation offers you the utmost peace of mind.

As they’re members regulated by lawyers, CEOs and directors both in the private and public sectors you can rest assured that you’ll be enjoying approaches that have been proven to bring about success.


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