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Crunch the Credit

After the last SistaTalk Circle in July, I wrote a blog titled Freedom. The current worldwide events in the financial markets, have inspired me to write another blog on this subject.

It is evident that the current economic climate is affecting the well-being, fulfilment and success of many people around the world - as the very things they once put their trust in, continue to crumble before their very eyes.

I use to believe that I could attain 'freedom' by being financially free and that the more money I had, the freer I would be.

No doubt money can create opportunities, yet it can also create a false sense of security, in those whose sense of self is based on how much money they have.

A key lesson I learnt many years ago, was that my relationship with money meant that when it disappeared, so did my sense of self, security and certainty.

The Latin word for 'Credit' is Trust - and unconsciously a lot of people have used credit as a way of trusting that they will always have the security they need.

Especially at times when they feel they do not have a lot of money. So for many years, I lived beyond my means, because I believed it was the only way, and I sought to attain and live-up to expectations of driving a nice car, owning my own home, etc.

Things that in essence because of the financial commitment - tied me down rather than allowing me to feel free.

Credit definitely has its uses, yet if your well-being is threatened by the fact that credit is not available to you, then you need to evaluate what you are putting your trust in.

As I said in my last blog...'The only thing that is real is what lies at our core; everything else is a reflection of what is within (an illusion). I believe our external circumstances are symbolic of what is going on within us and present us with clues to how we might move beyond that which restricts us from living as our true selves.

Free yourself from the shackles that bind you, the masks that hide your true beauty and the veils that prevent you from experiencing your greatness.'

For me, true personal freedom comes from developing the mindset and internal resources that empower individuals to deal with the challenges presented in everyday life.

It is a choice to be who you desire to be, regardless of what is happening externally.

Crunch the Credit and Trust in Your True Self

Dionne x

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