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I was inspired to write this blog this morning after attending the SistaTalk Circle in London last night. There are several times in life when an inner call inspires and directs us to take action, to move beyond who we are being and to become even more of our true self.

This is most evident when teenagers seek to find their own identity, sometimes an identity that is different from their care-givers - as they assert and develop their independence.

This 'calling' is also prevalent in adults and is most felt in our 30-40's when people feel constrained by their current conditions and desire more out of life. So they may be unhappy at work, unhappy in a relationship, etc.

Most people tend to seek to fix what is happening in their external lives by seeking an external solution, yet this 'inner call' - requires an inner solution, rather than a sticky plaster approach. The only thing that is real is what lies at our core; everything else is a reflection of what is within (an illusion). I believe our external circumstances are symbolic of what is going on within us, and presents us with clues to how we might move beyond that which restricts us from living as our true self. So by all means, get a new job, start a new business, find a new partner, but rest assured that if you have not dealt with what needs paying attention to within you, the same problems will present themselves, but just in different guises.

Free your self from the shackles that bind you, the masks that hide your true beauty and the veils that prevent you from experiencing your greatness. For me freedom is about being me regardless what is present in my external circumstances.

Challenges may seem inevitable, yet struggling and suffering is a choice.

Trust me, I do have my rants and raves, yet I am learning to achieve a sense of stability at my core that allows me to be myself no matter what is going on around me.

Nurturing self-trust, self-acceptance and self- love ultimately leads to freedom of self, (and from the self). I am, that I am. The Golden Girl


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