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Healthy Hair vs. Glamourous Hair

Before now, looking glamorous has always been a decision-making issue which involved either/or.

Damage your natural hair and wear a glamorous hairstyle seen and known in today’s society or keep your natural hair and do not fit into or be welcomed in most parts of the society. This is what is happening in our society today.

Wearing natural hairstyles that are stylish and look glamorous at the same time has always been a difficult compromise.

Lots of stylists struggle to understand how to help their clients wear natural healthy glamorous hair.

They encourage you to either damage/lose your natural hair to look glamorous with jazzy hairstyles or maintain your natural hair and lose out on different glamorous options that allow you to enhance your look with a variety of styles.

This is what is causing our girls to go bald before getting old. The black hair community is the most affected as we have the highest rate of traction alopecia among all races.

At World of Braiding & Extensions, we have taken glamour and naturally healthy hair to a new dimension. We want you to have the best of both worlds.

Choose the image you want while maintaining your hair. Enhance your natural look to suit your chosen image. GLAM YOUR LOOK! KEEP YOUR HAIR!!. That’s our motto.

Our glamorous natural hairstyles give you the look you want which gives you the confidence to achieve and opens doors to every opportunity that comes your way.

We don’t want you to compromise your looks for the health of your hair. We want you to have the best of both worlds. Glamour and healthy hair.

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