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How to Make Cement Tile Flooring Long Lasting

Cement tile floors always lend a sophisticated look to your home. They are aesthetic and sturdy at the same time.

Their fine looks are a result of a brilliant combination of patterns and colours that are mineral based.

Cement tiles with mineral-based colours last generations and do not fast easily even when fitted outdoors.

Cement tile makers in Holland use high-quality Portland cement, pigments, and coarse cement mixture for making this flooring material.

Flooring is done by trained professionals as untrained hands could spoil an entire task.

There are specialists available with cement tile makers or sellers who offer their services for a fee.

Once the flooring is complete it is your responsibility to maintain it so that its appearance stays the same even after several years.

Cement tiles are required to be stone polished to smoothen. Initially, coarse-grained stones are used for polishing followed by finer stones.

After completion of stone polishing, floors are thoroughly dried and polished with sawdust and oxalic acid crystals in succession.

Wax polish is done in the end to give a shiny surface to concrete tiled floors. After vigorous polishing with multiple items one after another, a cement-tiled floor does not gather dust or soak any kind of liquid. The colours remain unspoilt even for generations.

Maintaining Cement Tiles

Water - The easiest way to maintain cement tiled floors is by cleaning them regularly. Mopping and wiping them with water periodically drives away dust and other residues. In dirt and pollution-prone areas it is advisable to clean floors daily. The lustre and shine stay intact if concrete tile floors are wiped with a moist cloth or mopped every day. The periodicity of wiping or mopping could be reduced in cleaner areas.

Oxalic acid crystals – There could be certain stubborn stains that remain unclean with water. Oxalic acid crystals are the best compounds to remove such stains. These crystals being soft do not scratch cement tiles. Vigorous rubbing of oxalic acid with coarse cloth is highly effective in removing stains even from biological wastes.

Saw dust – Saw dust polish brings back the smoothness to the tiled floors after years of use. Saw dust could only be used for polishing and not cleaning. You should rub cement tiled floors once every 3-4 years to keep them as good as new.

Wax – Wax provides the shine that is typical of cement tiles. However, over years and regular wiping, the wax tends to lose its shine and the floor starts losing its glaze. A wax polish restores the original state of floors and once again makes them lustrous and shiny.

One can protect cement tile flooring and enhance its longevity by following the aforementioned ways. For more assistance, assistance from an expert could be taken.

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