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I Should've Choose Plan 'A'

Spending $250.00 on my round-trip flight from Ohio to Las Vegas. Spending $425.10 for a 4 night 5 day stay at the Tropicana Hotel on Las Vegas Blvd. I believe this was the best reservation online for me to pick from my Coastal Vacation membership.

I had choose plan “B” this allowed me to make my reservations 2 weeks before my arrival date and 75% off my room cost.

I activated my vacation vouchers and membership cards to receive these benefits. It was such a great opportunity to save money and travel. I thought I had the best pick on my vacation plan, I didn’t speak to the travel agent to verify my choice.

I receive confirmation in the mail that my reservation was confirmed and I WOULD BE REFUNDED ON ARRIVAL my fees. I was satisfied with my choice without a doubt.

After returning home from my trip, I contacted Travel Saver, to be refunded the charges of my hotel stay.

The agent informed me I choose plan “B” which was the discounted plan. Plan “A” was free room and stay with $500.00 discounts and more.

I did receive $35.00 back on my credit card for reservation fee. I had to swallow that bitter pill and realize I should speak to an agent and verify all information.

YES plan “A” is the better plan, you should setup your reservations 60 days ahead and enjoy your saving, along with an amazing VACATION using Coastal Vacations

Membership cards and vouchers. I will use plan “A” on my next vacation in Vegas.

Can you share your plan A or B for your next trip to Vegas?? Stay Blessed!

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