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In Pursuit of Happiness

Many people believe that they will find happiness with success. Success means many things to different people.

To some it means getting to the top of their profession and earning a salary that affords a luxurious lifestyle.

To some, it means having a flourishing business empire and being known as the ‘go to’ person in their particular field.

To others, it means feeling fulfilled with what you do and what you have.

In this increasingly fast pace of a world that we live in, a lot of success is measured by having the latest gadgets, the designer wardrobe, dining out at the finest places, but does all this truly bring you happiness?

Is happiness brought about by extrinsic motivations or is it about intrinsic fulfillment? I believe that it comes through intrinsic motivation.

When some of my clients come to me for coaching, they are at the top of their professions but yet, there is something missing and they feel unfulfilled.

Yes, they can have 2-3 (or more) holidays a year in exotic locations. Yes, they can wear designer labels, but all these material things are not making them happy.

Often they are doing very demanding jobs which is a by product of their ‘success’ and have little time for their families or themselves.

They are doing a job that commands a high income but the work they do leaves them feeling empty.

This is not uncommon for the age group that I work with.

Research shows that women in their late career seek something that is more authentic to who they are.

A check of their values and what is important to them often reveals that the work they are doing is not aligned with their values and as such, with who they are. This is often the cause of their unfulfilment.

So what can yo do if you are in this situation?

Stop and think and do a values assessment of your life.

What is really important to you? What do you enjoy doing that you are good at? What can you do to make your life more aligned with your values and who you are?

When you have done your values assessment, what does this mean for you?

Does this mean pursuing an alternative career or even setting up your own business?

I believe that by truly knowing who you are you will find out what it is that you really want to do and there you will find your happiness. How happy are you?

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