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Is Life about Being or Becoming?

I had a really interesting conversation yesterday about whether life is about Being or Becoming?

Due to time restraints we never really came to an understanding between us and I left to ponder my own experience of this.

Here are my deep personal thoughts and reflections...

  • Life is about being our true self - a self that can be experienced beyond the ego and confines of societal expectations.

  • Being is a state - which requires us to do nothing but experience who we are being. Being happy, joyous, peaceful, abundant etc are all states that we can achieve through stillness...this is who I believe our true self to be - an individualisation of a greater being - that is. "I Am That I Am".

  • From this state of being, one can then choose who they wish to be at any given moment, because the state of beingness is never static. It is ever changing as we choose to exercise our beingness through our doing and having. . This is the process of creation and the manifestation.

  • Yet for many - this state of beingness has to be attained for the following reasons...

  1. In our society the years and years of conditioning causes some to believe that who they are is never enough, and that by trying to be something else, one will find happiness, love, joy etc, in a place that they are not yet. But if we realise that we do not need to do or have anything to live in our greatness, as our true selves, then becoming is never an issue.

  2. Thus the journey through life becomes a remembering of who we truly are and our 'natural' state. This is something that is attained through lifetimes and depends on the meaning that each individual gives to their lives and their experiences. There are many for whom this will go completely over their heads and others who will identify, based on the purpose of their current journey.

  • So becoming is process through which we seek (often unconsciously) to experience our true self in all its glory and possible manifestations.

  • There are many people who are constantly striving to be successful, wealthy, and happy etc without the conscious recognition of what is driving them. They often get caught up in doing so much, yet what they achieve never seems to be enough. One of the reasons for this is because 'they never believe themselves to be enough'.

  • For me living heaven-on-earth is... When you can be, without the need to become - only exercising your becoming at will.

I may revisit this because I have just typed out what was in my mind, I would love to know your thoughts


Dionne x

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