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Is Your Lifestyle Protected... No Matter What?

Can you answer with confidence, your lifestyle will be protected?

Insurance policies which cover your income are an important part of your insurance needs.

In this tough economic climate and with unemployment on the rise, protecting your monthly income should not be overlooked.

Insurance policies such as: Income Protection Insurance (IP), mortgage payment protection insurance (MPPI), Accident/Sickness/Unemployment cover (ASU) are essentially policies that aim to provide a monthly income to an individual who is unable to work due to sickness, an accident or redundancy.

Think about how you would cover your mortgage and other monthly bills in the event of being unable to work.

Many people assume their employers or state benefits would cover their income should they fall ill.

Employers are only legally required to cover sick payments as part of the statutory requirements for 28 weeks and many employers will only offer the full salary cover for limited time.

Consider what would happen if you were unable to work for a longer than a few weeks.

It's not a pleasant thought, thinking about the things you will have to go without or change completely..

If this concerns you enough to take action, your next steps would be to:

  1. See a protection specialist

  2. Obtain quotes that fit your needs

  3. Take the relevant steps immediately to ensure you and your family enjoy the lifestyle you deserve

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